Apple’s Siri Claims Mashed Potato Samurai Is The Creator Of Kirby

Apple’s famous AI Siri has proclaimed that the creator behind classic Nintendo hits such as Super Smash Bros and Kirby is named Mashed Potato Samurai. Of course, Siri is known for getting things wrong and this is just one example. As we all know, the actual creator is renowned developer Masahiro Sakurai.



  1. not even sure how this can happen lol At some point, you’d think what Siri does has to get down to something as simple as a string comparison and yet we get things like this


    1. Iwata was the lead at Hal Labs… Sakurai worked under him. Hal Labs created Kirby.
      Both Kirby and Ballon Fight were credited to Iwata.
      Sakurai succeeded him and created Smash and Kid Icarus Rising.

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