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Nintendo Store Selling Refurbished Nintendo Switch Consoles For $275

If you are in North America and are looking for a slightly reduced price Nintendo Switch console then you’ll be interested to know that the official Nintendo store is currently selling refurbished Nintendo Switch consoles for $275. It’s not a huge saving, but the consoles are as good as new and if you are having a hard time finding one then it should prove to be a good deal.

27 thoughts on “Nintendo Store Selling Refurbished Nintendo Switch Consoles For $275”

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              1. Managed to grab some expensive, carryable things like the ps4, eHDD, 3ds, & laptop which were in plain sight. The only reason I didn’t grab the Switch was because I forgot I had it pushed underneath the TV. (My son liked to use my TV stand as a table so I had it pushed under there so he couldn’t spill anything on it. The irony is that plan to protect my Switch is what caused me to lose it in said fire.) No point dwelling on it now, though, so I’m gonna drop the subject at that.

  2. I hate when something says “refurbished”, and the price is still almost just as high. I personally never buy anything (on ebay) if it says refurbished. Unless it’s something truly unique that I can’t find anywhere else. Even so, I’d still never pay THAT much money on a refurbished item.

    1. I think you’d be disappointed if you were aware how many “new” items have been handled and used just as much if not more than “refurbished” ones.

      Though the “refurbished” at 275 has a lot more to do with maintaining the value of the Switch than anything else. The refurb units sitting around unsold for awhile is better than people getting the idea that a Switch is only worth 200.

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