Nintendo Switch

Yabuki Says He Would Love To Work On ARMS 2 Someday

Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu has published a mammoth four page interview with ARMS director Kosuke Yabuki. He was obviously asked about the chances of seeing a sequel to ARMS which has proved to be a hit with Nintendo Switch owners. However, he told the publication that the original game has only been out a year and he’s continuing to support that. With that being said, Mr. Yabuki said that he would like to work on ARMS 2 one day.




  1. Refine and balance the game more, and add a bunch of side content (and/or a story mode), and I’ll buy it. Arms is fun (and I’ve probably played it enough to get my money’s worth out of it), but it could’ve been much more successful if it released at $40 originally.


  2. Not before Switch 2, please. Make new IPs instead and exploit the hardware capabilities of the new console to have a truly new game (and more ‘complete’, eventually).


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