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Rumour: Spyro The Dragon: The Treasure Trilogy Set to Be Announced Today By Activision (Update)

Update: Doesn’t appear that it’s happening today

There’s been some quite hefty rumours suggesting that Spyro the Dragon is getting the remaster treatment on the PlayStation 4. Now news has emerged from a Reddit member who correctly leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 information in the past that the game will be revealed today at 1pm PST. The trilogy is titled Spyro The Dragon: The Treasure Trilogy and while it’s set to launch on the PlayStation 4 first, its been heavily rumoured to be coming to the Nintendo Switch after a set period of time. We shall have to wait and see!



      1. Well if it comes then gamers will have to choose if buy it for Switch or PS4.

        Just as I wrote early to me this game is irrelevant and I’m not gonna buy it


      1. I didn’t say the others can’t enjoy this game. I only talk to me, not the others


  1. I’d like to be excited for this, but I haven’t played any of the Spyro games since I was a kid.
    I was looking forward to replaying the Crash games on PS4 last year, but quickly regretted my purchase. Those games have aged horribly (in my opinion). It was a nostalgia trip, but that was it.

    I did always like Spyro more than Crash, but it’s been so long since I’ve played the old games that I’ll be cautiously optimistic about this.
    Especially if it’s the same dev team as the N.Sane trilogy. Maybe they’ll actually make improvements to the gameplay this time around, but that’s wishful thinking. Regardless, I’ll hope for the best.
    And if it DOES turn out to be good, and is exclusive to the PS4 at launch, I’ll probably just wait for the inevitable Switch port. Hopefully it’s a simultaneous release across all platforms this time around.


  2. Might be an exclusive to PS4 at launch. The original trilogy was an exclusive to PlayStation when it came out, similarly to Crash. But since it did go multiplatform later it’ll likely come out on other systems later. I’m probably getting the PS4 version regardless so either way I hope it is announced today! Been dying for this release!


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