Nintendo Switch

Third Party Nintendo Switch Docks Could Be Bricking Consoles With Latest Switch System Update

We recently received a brand new system update for the Nintendo Switch which brought a number of small improvements to the popular console. One thing that some users are noticing is that third party Nintendo Switch docks could be bricking consoles on Version 5.0. There’s various reports online and also video evidence that this is happening. Let us know if you’ve been affected by this.


Thanks to gukingofheart for the news tip!



  1. This is why I don’t support 3rd party hardware if your shit breaks they aren’t going to replace it. Glad I stuck with the original Switch doc, as much as I wish the Switch casing didn’t bend from heat I’d rather have a working Switch that’s bent over a broken one that’s not.

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    1. I don’t recall any given hacks or compromises happen yet. Just a browser access and turning it into a Linux computer. That’s not even remotely bad.


    2. You are aware that it’s not the hackers that are pirating games right? Hackers usually hack systems just to see if they can do it, for fun, as a hobby or in some cases to get 3rd party apps to run on the system. Many people use those exploits to use apps that aren’t even on the system and have no plans to be released on said system, like non nintendo arcade and video apps to watch movies from a memory card. The amount of people are playing pirated games are so few in numbers that it’s not even a real; issue to be worried about tbh.
      In fact the only time pirated games really get out of hand is when the system in question is about to die off and no one is really developing for it, like the wii and the ps3.

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  2. Luckily this hasn’t happened to mines yet. I had problems with the Nyko dock so I returned it and got Insignia. No issues yet but I’ll be careful. Least they’re still much safer for the console than Nintendo’s own dock which scratches the screen (does the opposite of it’s supposed design) and overheats the Switch by blocking the circulation vents at the bottom.


      1. No, I can confirm my dock scratches. It’s a day 1 system. Supposedly they fixed the dock with later systems, don’t quote me on that.


      2. I even thought it was bullshit myself due to, yet again, Nintendo players being careless like the Switch but I took precaution with sliding it in/out slowly, put protection and even use the damn cloth and what do you know? They weren’t lying, it did indeed happen to my Switch even after exercising careful handling.

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