Nintendo Switch

Monster Boy And Cursed Kingdom Nintendo Switch Physical Pre-orders Ten Times Higher Than PlayStation 4

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is getting a physical release soon and the team over at FDG Entertainment have been analysing pre-order sales data. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch physical edition pre-orders are ten times those of the PlayStation 4 physical version. Once again, it highlights that the Nintendo Switch is a great platform for independent developers.



  1. This truly is shaping up to be a return to form along the lines of SNES levels of third party support on Switch.The flood of indi games is absolutely welcome. Fair priced middle ware titles are also great, and offer some wonderful value.

    AAA third party titles are coming along, it’s just a bummer that so many that released last year and even some this year still, began development before the Switch was around, let alone known if it would be a success. I suspect E3 will have some big surprises from third parties. I think we’ll even see COD announced for it. They did that with Sonic Mania randomly, didn’t announce it until Nintendo did, so we could see the same for other third party AAA titles.

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  2. I haven’t asked before but how many games has been sold overall on both systems, both physical & digital sales? Selling the most physical doesn’t really matter much if PS4 still has the best overall sales thanks to both physical & digital.


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