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UK: Video Game Retailer Grainger Games Now Closing All Stores

Eurogamer is reporting today that Grainger Games has closed all of its stores. We reported yesterday that it had decided to close a third of shops yesterday with immediate effect. Today, the retailer has sent out an email to all stores to let them know they are closing for good. That’s sadly 400 people across 67 stores. We wish them all the best.


4 thoughts on “UK: Video Game Retailer Grainger Games Now Closing All Stores”

    1. I’m amazed Game have lasted as long as they have. I used to love the shop in the golden days, but when I go into it now, the experience is very different. Games are priced far too highly, there is little choice and they have yet to move past such nonsense as “do you want to protect your disk” and so on.

      I dont want a retail landscape which comprises only of CEX, but if thats how its gonna be…

    1. I have given this some thought myself. Do you believe the popularity of gaming has dropped in the last 15 years? Or is it just a consequence of changing markets and supposed “rise” of digital?

      All I know is that there was more creativity and sense of adventure in the industry 20 years ago. Yes there are still amazing games coming out today, but honestly if the industy was like it is now in the early 2000s, I dont think I would have gotten into it as much as I did.

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