Nintendo Pokemon

Netflix: Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon Now Available

Good news if you are subscribed to Netflix as Pokemon the series: Sun and Moon is now available on the popular streaming service. There’s a whopping 43 episodes for you to binge watch if you are a subscriber. That should keep you occupied this Monday.



  1. I’m hope y’all don’t think I’m lame if I say I liked X and Y Better than Sun and Moon Game. Hell most of the reasons was lack of gym badges were to blame. After playing most Pokemon tittles, Sun and Moon just didn’t feel the same. GAMEFREAK better not screw up on the next game.


  2. So far I like the X and Y cartoon better than the cartoon sun and moon

    But I’m only on episode 3. I have to keep watching to really determine because my mind is free


      1. I seen X and Y twice in Netflix.
        I’m on E10 on Sun/Moon. X and Y is wayyyyy better video game and Cartoon.

        For one, X and Y has action. Sun/Moon less action and made Ash look younger and more immature.

        And why need an annoying Pokedex talking the whole time? X and Y the Game and Cartoon was just as good as Red/Blue and Silver/Gold. Just only thing is it was rather short.


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