Nintendo Switch

Night In The Woods Developer Says It Could Be The Perfect Fit For Nintendo Switch

Gamasutra has published an informative interview with Night in the Wood developer co-creator Scott Benson. Benson talks about how the game could fit in really well on the Nintendo Switch which has been a great platform for independent developers, allowing players to play the game on the move and at home on their TV.

Francis: So I know the folks at Finji did most of the porting, so we can’t ask you a question, but I’ve been thinking about the Switch, and games on it. How do you feel about the fact that the Switch is sort of a slightly new audience — in that people who are buying it because of its portability now might get to see your game, whereas before they didn’t own a $400 console, or even a nicely-powered gaming laptop. Do you think when it comes to a small personal story like this, that kind of audience growth is important?

Benson: That’s an interesting question. Yeah, I wasn’t as involved with the porting process. It was Finji, which were Adam and Rebecca Saltsman, and Alec, co-director, director, coder and composer on the game, he was really involved. We had a porting company, I believe they’re called 22nd Century Toys, they did a lot of that kind of stuff. So it’s been great for me, because I’ve been hearing, “Oh, it’s on the Switch now and it’s working!” And I say “That sounds cool!”

The question that you asked is something I’ve thought a lot about. For me, at first, I was like, there’s a lot of reading in the game, there’s a lot of little texts and stuff, I don’t know if that’s going to be fun for sitting on the subway playing it. But a lot of people were saying ‘This is exactly the kind of game I want to take along with me because it’s so story focused. And because so much time [is] spent on reading dialog and interacting with characters and having these moments, it’s a lot easier for me to fit that into my life if it’s not something I have to sit on the couch or in a desk chair all the way through.’

So that was really cool and interesting, you don’t always think about that when you’re making a game like this. Different people have these different contexts for how this kind of story works for them, for how this kind of game hits them. There’s certain games, like Candy Crush, that we consider lend themselves to mobile. This kind of bite-sized section you’re playing. Then there’s The Witcher, that’s not a game you’re probably going to take on the go with you necessarily because it’s such a huge, massive thing. Or really involved strategy games.

So it’s cool to me to think how people like a very story-based game like this, can fit this more seamlessly into their lives just from being able to take it on the go with them, or not have to monopolize the living room if they have family who are watching TV or something. You don’t have to necessarily carve out as much space and time for it in your life, in order to enjoy it. Which is really cool. It wasn’t something I had thought about before when we were talking about making this port happen.




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