Video: Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy Is Only Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

The lid has finally been lifted on the Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy from Activision and Toys for Bob. We’ve got a trailer today for the game however the game isn’t coming to the Nintendo Switch despite it being developed by the same team behind Crash Bandicoot .N Sane Trilogy. The game is coming to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One this September.


  1. How much you wanna bet Nintendo’s holding off to announce in a Direct. It wouldn’t be the first time. Crash is coming to PC and Switch, no way they skip those for whatever reason with Spyro.

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      1. No. Just no. Bowser is a koopa, a turtle type creature. He’s no more a dragon than he is a phoenix, another creature that can expel fire.


  2. WTF! I was really excited for this because it made so much sense to release on switch! FML im an unbiased video game enthusiast! And I prefer to have games released on all platforms and my preferred console right now is the Switch. Its already proven its strong sales and powerful enough hardware! Bring em all.


  3. I think give a while and they port to switch it make sense to since its Toys for Bob they are ones making bandicoot port happen anyway hope so.


  4. The ones that let those articles convince them the game was coming to Switch are gonna be sooo pissed. But that’s what they get for not waiting for an official announcement. Not to fear, though. There is still a chance. Possibly. Maybe.


  5. This game is absolutely coming to Nintendo Switch. This is very likely a case where Nintendo wants to be the ones who reveal it’s coming to Switch, in a direct or at E3. Sure, it’s possible it’s coming to Switch later, but I’d bet money it’s announced for Switch by, or at E3. It has happened with other games, like Sonic Mania randomly, so it is entirely possible here. There’s no need to see how well Crash sells, before releasing, the Switch has already proven to be a safe bet for ports and new games, they all sell better than expectations. This isn’t the Wii or Wii U where third party games don’t sell well.


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