Konami Has Recently Purchased The Goemon Domain Name

Konami has felt the time is right to purchase the domain name. The company hasn’t really done anything with the franchise for a while so there’s the possibility the company has something in the works. They’ve previously expressed interest in revisiting previous IP’s and have done so recently with Bomberman which launched on the Nintendo Switch in 2017.



  1. So which Konami is this? Super Bomberman R Konami or Buy Out Hudson Shaft Kojima Pachinko Pachinko Pachinko Konami?

  2. Give me a fucking HD remaster with updated models & shit of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon from the N64 and I’ll buy that bitch as soon as it becomes a preorder. Could use some HD remasters of a ton of other N64 games, too, actually.

  3. If they make a new quality Goemon platformer game with no strings attached, then I would be ecstatic. One of my favorite N64 games is Goemon’s Great Adventure

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