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Video: Direct-Feed Footage Of Wolfenstein II On Nintendo Switch

GameXplain are currently at PAX East where a number of upcoming video games are being showcased and are playable. One such game is Wolfenstein II on the Nintendo Switch. The team has captured twenty-five minutes of direct-feed footage of the gory shooter in action and you can give it a watch below.


  1. Panic Button do great work with their Switch Ports. Each one looks better than the last, and each game is more demanding. I’m impressed and this just speaks volumes for just how capable the tiny little Switch actually is. If you aren’t impressed, you’re just a fanboy hater, there really is no other way around it.

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  2. wow i just finished it on my ps4, it looks… i can’t see the difference except that it looks a bit blurry and foggy. but it’s because the resolution isn’t the same. it’s mindblowing to me either way.

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  3. I should have paid more attention to PAX East. I missed the release date reveal for the new Spider-Man game. I wonder what else I missed from Sony.


  4. This is the most impressed I’ve been by far. I honestly had my doubts that Panic Button could do it, but I’m assuming they are getting more familiar with the hardware with each job they do, squeezing more horsepower out of that little tablet. Framerate does appear to get choppy in firefights, however, that could be addressed before launch or with patches.


    1. Probably through patches if the deadline for it’s release doesn’t allow it during development.


      1. I don’t really see all of those issues being ironed out in the final version. Figured its the same engine as Doom but pushed a little more and Doom on Switch still frequently drops frames in fire fights.


  5. This has got to be the best looking game on switch so far. It’s really impressive. I hope prime 4 looks as good as this.
    Really looking forward to this


  6. Looks to good to be running on Switch. Or developers learnt ‘how to’.
    Eventually it’s time for FPS on Switch too. What are they (pub) waiting for?


  7. Looks like a lot of the same types of cutbacks that Doom made. Lower max resolution and frame rate with lower resolution textures with the frame rate still getting a little wonky at times. Nothing that wouldn’t be expected.


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