Rumour: The Animal Crossing Site Is Undergoing Massive Overhaul Possibly Pointing To New Game

Nintendo is busy revamping the Animal Crossing site and it has been heavily edited and added to with new placeholders for News and Videos pages. As a result, the site has lots of placeholders which is leading to speculation that it’s for a new game in the franchise.



    1. Is animal crossing big enough? I love the series, possibly my favourite video game series of all time but I don’t think its big enough for Nintendo to put it as their big holiday game.

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      1. Animal crossing sells far better than metroid.
        Portable animal crossing games have sales of approximately 12 million. So ueah its big enough.

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      2. Well if we don’t get a new one soon people are going to start to riot. In Japan especially, since it has been 6 years since ACNL was released there. (It was released in November of 2012, so… they could always release it in November since they did that with ACNL in Japan)


      3. Also did some digging and apparently in Japan all Animal Crossing games BUT the original and the Gamecube one have been released in Japan in NOVEMBER! So a global release of a new Animal Crossing game would be in November UNLESS Nintendo of Japan wants to break that tradition


      4. No, in actuality, it’s not. It’s only a big seller in Japan, because you look at Europe and US sales, they’re together below what they are in Japan! Plus, there’s also the issue that many people overlook and that’s that Animal Crossing only sells high on handheld because people buy multiple copies of it to have multiple towns- I know one person who bought 6 copies to have 6 towns since it’s only 1 town per copy. Since Switch allows people to have up to 8 accounts, they won’t need to buy 6 copies again to do this, meaning the Switch version won’t be nearly as high as Wild World or New Leaf’s both 12 million. It’ll probably have lifetime sales between City Folk’s 4 million and the 12 million, so I’d bank LIFETIME sales of the game to be around 8 million, with probably a 4 to 5 million launch, that’s not a high selling game, Pokemon would do 2 or 3 times that easily!


      5. It may sell better than metroid but nintendo won’t put metroid as their big holiday title. If they have pokèmon completing production, it’s a better business move to put that as their big holiday title rather than Animal crossing.


  1. Really hoping for a summer release with this one but I just want Animal Crossing so much. I have a feeling it’ll be a summer release or late summer as Smash will probably come october-November and they dont want to overshadow Animal Crossing

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    1. Smash will be a bigger seller, because only handheld Animal Crossing games are able to sell more than 10 million, and only because they’re cartridges where you can only have 1 town per cartridge. Many, MANY own more than 1 copy of New Leaf, meaning they really didn’t sell 12 million people the game, it’s likely closer to 8 or 9 million individual people, and if half of those buy it on launch, that’s only 4 million worldwide, Smash will do far better than that on launch, and have a higher selling worldwide total. Mark my work, I’m calling it now Switch’s Animal Crossing will sell LOWER lifetime that it has on the DS or 3DS for the aforementioned reasons.


      1. I uh… I never claimed that Animal Crossing would outsell Smash. I said it’s likely that they’ll both be coming out later this year.


      2. It never occurred to me that people actually owned multiple copies to have multiple towns. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, since I don’t know many Animal Crossing players after all.


  2. Yes! My body is so ready for the next installment of Animal Crossing!

    I wonder if they’ll let us bring over our villager from New Leaf to the Switch version. Like they let us do with Wild World to City Folk.

    …Or maybe our villagers from Pocket Camp to the Switch version some how? 🤔

    So many possibilities.

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