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Bloomberg Reports That Nintendo Has Teamed Up With Venture Fund To Explore New Tech For Nintendo Switch

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Bloomberg is reporting today that Nintendo has teamed up with Scrum Ventures to find new and exciting ways for consumers to use the popular Nintendo Switch console. Both Scrum Ventures and Nintendo will join and assist developers to bring new ideas and concepts to market. The image below provides even more details.


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Thanks to iamkellam for the news tip!

10 thoughts on “Bloomberg Reports That Nintendo Has Teamed Up With Venture Fund To Explore New Tech For Nintendo Switch”

    1. And one they there’s gonna be a Switch that will offer that.
      So far I would say it’s doing pretty good. Especially in Japan it just had the 4th week in a row selling better than their whole competition combined. So I guess some people are willing to scarifice power for portability, especially if a game like Wolfenstein II still manages to look that fine.

  1. If possible, a dock that increases power for the ones that prefer an improved home console experience. Preferably with more data storage, too, if external HDDs aren’t gonna be a thing.

    Also, a touch screen for second screen experiences would be nice for games like Etrian Odyssey if they can make an affordable, cheaper alternative to the Wii U’s Gamepad.

    1. Of course, none of that will matter to me as long as digital purchases remain locked to the console and there is no cloud system for our save data. I won’t get a new Switch without a cloud system and as long as digital purchases are foolishly locked to the console. I don’t like talking to people over the phone so I’d rather have something more similar to Sony’s so I can skip the middle man & go straight to getting my digital purchases back by simply logging into my Nintendo Account on a different Switch. (Please give me some good news at E3, Nintendo, on those two important fronts when they hopefully get revealed with their paid online for Switch!)

  2. It seems almost guarantee that the Switch will receive the same upgrade treatment as the DS and the 3DS.

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