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Nintendo Switch Version Of Minecraft To Get Xbox Live Achievements With Update

Update: Confirmed by a Minecraft employee on Twitter :)

Nintendo Switch owners of Minecraft still seem to be waiting for the Better Together update which has various cross-platform play features. However, website True Achievements has discovered that the Nintendo Switch version of the creative sandbox title will soon be getting achievements as part of an upcoming update. 79 achievements have appeared on Microsoft servers and while they won’t be implemented immediately they should roll out sometime in the near future.

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5 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Version Of Minecraft To Get Xbox Live Achievements With Update”

  1. I really hope the Better Together update comes real soon, because me and my ex-girlfriend have been wanting to play Minecraft together for a while (especially when we were dating,) so I really do hope it comes soon. She doesn’t have a Nintendo Switch, but she does have Minecraft for the PC, so the only thing preventing us from playing it together is this damned update.

    1. I agree. I know many people hate them, but they add replay value to games. I would go back and do everything on Super Mario Odyssey for example.

      I was thinking they would call them “stickers” and each time you unlock one you’d see a sticker pop up. And add a scrapbook to view all your stickers!

      1. I was thinking stars because of the strong ties the star symbol has with Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise, their most important franchise. The sticker with a scrapbook idea sounds good, too, and it’d be pretty original compared to how Sony & Microsoft do their achievements. Badges with a digital chest to put them in would be a good one, too, if they want to give a nod to Pokemon over Mario.

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