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Light Fall Coming April 26th For Nintendo Switch

Canadian indie games studio, Bishop Games, has announced that 2D platformer Light Fall will release on April 26th on the Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in the game then the developers say it will cost a reasonable $14.99 USD when it launches.

Light Fall follows the story of a young boy and his quest through Numbra, a mysterious universe where darkness prevails over light, to be reunited with his dearest friend who vanished in the night. With the aid of the magical Shadow Core and his companion Stryx the old and grumpy owl, follow his courageous journey across an entire continent, braving many challenges and foes standing in the way, led only by a glimmer of hope. Do you have what it takes to survive in perilous Numbra?

Key Features:

  • The Ultimate Freedom: Control the Shadow Core, a magical box beneath your feet that can be used and controlled at will, to propel yourself into the air and move across the land in the way that you see fit to face the challenges of the game. With the Shadow Core, you become the master of your surroundings and create your own path.
  • An Immersive Journey: Immerse yourself in Light Fall’s strange universe where darkness prevails over the light. Joining you on this adventure, Stryx the old and grumpy owl, will act as your sidekick and in-game narrator. Depending on his mood, he will either offer useful advice or bluntly mock your failures.
  • A Vast World to Explore: With the Shadow Core in hand, reach new heights and explore every nook and cranny of Numbra. Wander through the Lunar Plain, the Marshlands of Sorrows, the Vipera’s Forest and the Unknown Depths, where shortcuts, alternative paths, hidden collectibles and easter eggs await you in large numbers.
  • Speedrun Competition: Quench your thirst for competition in the complementary Speedrun Mode. Revisit the world of Numbra and experience exclusive levels where the difficulty has been drastically increased. Compete with players worldwide and compare your fastest times with theirs on the online leaderboard.

Light Fall is one of the most anticipated indie games of the year, earning multiple industry accolades since it was announced last year. It won Best Hardcore Game at the Game Connection Development Awards at Game Connection Europe 2017 during Paris Game Week. Additionally, Light Fall was a finalist in five award categories at the Busan Indie Connect Festival 2017 (BIC Fest), including BIC Award Grand Prix, BIC Award Excellence in Casual, BIC Award Excellence in Narrative, BIC Award Excellence in Audio and BIC Award Excellence in Art.

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