Nintendo Switch

Night Trap Coming To Nintendo Switch

Classic SEGA Mega CD title Night Trap will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The news was revealed today by Nintendo Force magazine. There weren’t any details, but the magazine promises a full reveal plus an exclusive interview with its publishers Limited Run Games in the latest edition of the magazine which should be available now.


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288 for the news tip.



  1. Of all the games being ported to the Switch, I never would have thought Night Trap woyuld be one of those. It’s not April first, but it sure feels like it should be.

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  2. What’s next, Superman 64, Leisure Suit Larry, Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties, The Guy Game, Action 52, E.T. for Atari Remastered?


  3. Okay now, this is something I didn’t think I’d EVER see happen. I’ll never forget the controversy that this game caused, and the confusion I felt about that controversy. I always wondered, “what’s the big deal”? It wasn’t even all that violent. I remember writing down all of the times for each camera and trap. I don’t think I was ever able to trap all of the Ogs/Oggs. But I got most of them. And it was so odd to see Dana Plato in a video game. This was one of only 3 games I owned on the SEGA CD. I didn’t care for the console, so I never asked for anymore games. I still own the SEGA CD and Night Trap. But I’m definitely going to buy this. If anything, just for the nostalgia of those early teen years.


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