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Video: A Robot Named Fight! – Nintendo Switch Trailer

A Robot Named Fight! is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop soon. The game contains all the content that’s currently available in the version on Steam but it also includes a brand new secret ending. A Robot Named Fight! will be available to purchase from the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 26th.

Combining the best of the Metroidvania and roguelite genres, A Robot Named Fight!’s monstrous creatures, huge item variety, quirky writing, co-op gameplay, and synthwave soundtrack all hit the sweet spot between retro and modern platformers. The Megabeast Thousands of years have passed since the mechanical gods ascended and left the lower-order robots to cultivate the world. Unfortunately for those left behind, something forgotten and terrible is stirring among the stars: the Megabeast, which is unleashing its children onto the world like an unstoppable plague.

The Mission In A Robot Named Fight!, you play as a lone robot tasked with retrieving wartime artifacts deep beneath the surface of your planet. Explore a procedurally-generated underground world filled with fleshy monsters and randomized power-ups. Stay sharp, and try not to die – or you’ll have to start from scratch. To face the Megabeast, you must unearth artifacts that upgrade your abilities and open new paths. Delve beneath the surface, discover the lost history of robot civilization – and explode the Megabeast once and for all!


6 thoughts on “Video: A Robot Named Fight! – Nintendo Switch Trailer”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Interesting, a Metroid like game without being much of a clone yet similar…||

  2. Yesterday it was 20XX, and now today A Robot Named Fight? Along with My Time in Portia, Hollow Knight and Rivals of Aether, my all time favorite Steam games are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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