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Bethesda Say They Are Very Pleased With Nintendo Switch And Glad They Have Developed For Console

GameReactor managed to speak to Bethesda’s Pete Hines about the company’s commitment to the Nintendo Switch and what they think about the platform. Hines had nothing but good things to say about Nintendo’s latest system and reconfirmed that they are very pleased that they decided to commit to the platform.

The challenge is entirely a technical one, right? If it was easy, then everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. It’s not a direct 1:1 with other hardware that’s out there, but it also does something that nothing else can do, which is you can take it with you on an airplane, on a bus or whatever. The portability of it is fantastic.

A game like Doom or Skyrim or Wolf II that there is an audience for those games on those consoles. We’ve seen that so far. Nintendo’s been really pleased obviously, and we didn’t have a crystal ball to know, ‘Oh this will definitely their best-selling thing’, but we saw it early, we felt like there was something we could support and our games would resonate, and they have, and obviously Nintendo’s crushing it with their hardware sales which is great.”

From Nintendo, they’re thrilled as hell. Last Nintendo game I guess we did before this would have been like Star Trek Tactical Assault or something – we did a DS game. I can’t even keep them all straight, it was a long time ago, but we hadn’t done anything on Nintendo hardware in a long time. But we’ve always talked to those guys. Our philosophy hasn’t changed in all my time at Bethesda, which is we put all this effort into making these games, we’ll put them out on as many platforms as will support the game as the developers have designed it. Now in the case of Switch, okay we’ve gotta do a little work to make sure it runs right and gives the right thing. We don’t want to cut out half of the story or make sacrifices that change the game, but if a device will support what we’re doing, we’ll absolutely put it out because we want as many people as possible to play these great games that our developers make.

15 thoughts on “Bethesda Say They Are Very Pleased With Nintendo Switch And Glad They Have Developed For Console”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Soon Labo will overwhelm doubting minds and we will be closer to Nintendomination…||

      1. i can understand dark souls crash , metroid, no more heroes and mario kart but Labo looks like a children’s toy I know they are advertizing the shit out of it but this is why most people still see Nintendo as the overly protective parent type company with an overly restrictive console that can only be made better by modding the shit out of it. Even the wii u wasn’t as strict as the switch is, despite it’s numerous ass kissers/ over the top fanboys or girls.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||You have been within the gaming community for like barely one year unless you are a liar which wouldn’t surprise me…||

          ||The only reason to why you believe in that nonsense is because the haters don’t know how Nintendo functions, western hypocrites are good at crying and complaining but what Microsoft is doing to you behind the scenes is far more dangerous and restrictive, but what would they know? They are blinded by their technology…||

          1. it’s true i haven’t been gaming for very long but i have been playing some old titles and i have been a computer programmer at my university for a long time the news about new game titles has come from my friends and people i know who taught me hoe to do all these things, some people can learn faster than others. Just depends on the person. plus you cant blame Microsoft or other companies when Nintendo does it too. any company wants to protect it’s property/ content but no matter how secure something is there will always be a fatal floor in it’s code or design. That goes for real life battle tactics too how do you think world war two was won? Or Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden were captured? I maybe a university student who is a level 75 dungeon master but i do keep up with real life events and not just fiction.

          2. plus the other reason i know quite a lot of the retro gaming scene is to help pay for my lessons i work in a game store and got to try out some of the retro classics so i have played metriod prime and it’s ok I can understand your “interest” in the series but in truth it’s not my thing for me it’s Fire Emblem , Professor Layton, Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics and a few old ps1 titles. I like more the strategy titles with the exception of final fantasy mainly the ninth one. I try not to be tied to just one franchise.

  1. i could imagine doom being a great game to play on the switch ! i love fallout 4 but i have it for the xbox one!! however i wouldn’t mind getting a switch to play zelda, skyrim, doom and mario odyssey !

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  3. Bethesda is truly one of the best western third party supporters for the Nintendo Switch. DOOM, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and coming later this year… Wolfenstein II.

  4. True. Their games are class!
    I’m really looking forward to their E3 conference. ( hopefully their games will be switch releases too ).
    And judging by their future plans they’ll be releasing them on all formats at the same time.

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