Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Europe Hints What Players Can Look Forward To With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass

I’m sure a number of you are currently playing through, or have finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2, on the Nintendo Switch. There’s an expansion pass available for the mammoth RPG on the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Europe has briefly highlighted what’s to come for expansion pass owners beyond May 2018.

Expansion Pass owners can look forward to brand new story content, new quests, more completely original Rare Blades, a Challenge Battle Mode and a higher difficulty level: Bringer of Chaos.



  1. }{ BOTW was also supposed to have new story cutscenes, and we all saw what came from that… I’m skeptical that they will release content worth the $30 price tag, when that money could just as easily purchase a full game, or half a AAA game… }{


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