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Nintendo Says It Has “Not Reached A Satisfactory Profit Point” With Mobile

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima is not entirely happy with the profits from their mobile titles which include Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Mr. Kimishima says that the company has “not reached a satisfactory profit point”

  • Super Mario Run maintains approximately 20 million monthly active users as downloads continue to grow.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes continues to perform well, maintaining its level of active users while expanding into international markets.

However, nothing was said about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which is the company’s latest mobile title.


14 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It Has “Not Reached A Satisfactory Profit Point” With Mobile”

  1. Is it safe to say fire emblem heroes is potentially the best mobile game nintendo’s ever made, both from a fanbase point of view, and a financial one?

      1. Then that is really exciting for me as a fire emblem fan, as not only is it great seeing the series doing so well compared to before awakening, but also it makes me very excited for how nintendo will support the fire emblem franchise in the future if it’s proven itself as one of their best money makers….at least in the mobile market.

    1. Nah, just keep pushing things out until you get a hit. Mario Kart can do it if implemented well. Add ons galore for the Karts and characters.

  2. That’s because its been 6 years since AC new leaf and tbh real AC fans don’t want pocket camp. We want a legit full fledged AC for switch. I played Pocket Camp twice…Its not what real fans want.

  3. Unfortunately AC pocket camp come at a time where there isn’t a true Animal Crossing game and we are seeing the consequences of it. If they didn’t reveal the sales, it means it hasn’t perform well.

  4. I still play a lot of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, but at the same time I don’t play it that aggressively? (even though I’m lvl97) They way they’ve made the game makes it super easy to just play the game normally without actually having the need to spend Leaf Tickets on things there for there’s not a big need to put money in it. With free Leaf Tickets you can buy most event items as they come out, not including buying all the RV skins and new camp designs. However recently they have made something similar to the Gacha system in the game, you can buy different special Fortune Cookies that can give you one of ten items that belong to different sets. One cookie costs 50 Leaf Tickets, though since these special fortune cookies can rarely be bought with 5k bells, I feel no need to jump into getting these items. Cause I wouldn’t be surprised when after these items expire they’ll come back again.

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