Retro Studios Writer And Cinematic Designer Leaves After 2 Years

Jon Verrall, who has been working at Retro Studios, has announced that he is leaving the company. He’s spent two years at the Austin developer as a writer and cinematic director. Hopefully that means that Retro Studios latest project is nearing completion, but we shall have to wait until E3 2018 which takes place next month in Los Angeles.



  1. With Pokémon, fire emblem, smash, metroid, yoshi, and bayonetta, whole retro studios, pikmin and animal crossing could be soon on the docket, something’s getting cut from e3. Even if, say bayonetta and an unannounced game were cut that’s still a stellar e3


  2. Too bad that he is leaving without the secret game that he helped develop being revealed. I wonder why he didn’t stay until the game got revealed?


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