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Here’s The E3 2018 Floor Plans

The spectacular gaming event which is E3 will be taking place next month in Los Angeles and it’s a big occasion for gamers, developers and publishers. The floor plans for this year’s event are now available online and you can see exactly how much space Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, are taking up as well as individual publishers and developers.



20 thoughts on “Here’s The E3 2018 Floor Plans”

  1. You people obviously don’t follow the E3 every year. A gaming magazine and website in my country goes there every year and makes video’s of there trip in LA and multiple companies are in different building trough out LA for there presentations and such. Nintendo is actually the only company that quit there stage presentations and gives us pre made video’s, wich is a little bit of shame if you ask me, I always liked watching Nintendo’s E3 presentation, it was allot more exciting than there current format wich they can do any day off the year if you ask me.

    1. I don’t no know I prefer video presentations, they seem more professional and there quick and easy to make, though I do have to admit the live ones were funny I just like to get straight to what games will be releasing throughout year

  2. Nintendo is going to do another video presentation, with Treehouse filling in live play the other days. It’s either going to suck ass, or be the best ever, because we already know Pokemon is moving from 3DS to Switch, and for the first time since Game Boy Player, players can now play a mainline Pokemon game on a television. There’s also absent franchises like Animal Crossing, Star Fox, F-Zero. Nintendo has stayed quiet on them, leaving fans to wonder what’s going on with them. They also said they’re going to have Smash releasing this year, and there’s no word on Metroid Prime 4, or even Bayonetta 3. Who knows what it’ll show, it has the potential to be great, but knowing Nintendo they always find some way to piss fans off!

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