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Sega CEO Haruki Satomi Talks About SEGA’s High Expectations For Sonic Games

It’s not really untrue to say that recent Sonic games prior to Sonic Mania has been slightly disappointing. SEGA knows this is true too and say that they won’t release future Sonic games until they are satisfied that they will receive good review scores. They know that Sonic has a huge and dedicated fan base and say that if they aren’t entirely happy with future Sonic titles they won’t release it until its ready.

Haruki Satomi: Simply that several years ago when we launched a Sonic game, the reception was very bad, there was a site called Meta-critic that aggregates the critics and scores games from 1-100, and at that time the Sonic game got 30 out of 100 so I felt like we…

CT: Disappointed fans?

Haruki Satomi: Yeah disappointed, did not meet those expectations for the big fan base we have. So after I took the lead it will never happen again and I told our development team or even sales team that we should not release a game unless we 100 percent agree with and are confident of the quality.

Haruki Satomi: One of the answers I gave was the latest two titles which we launched last year, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, especially Sonic Mania which got a 80s, 85ish Meta-critic score and fans are excited about this game and people really love it, actual sales was very strong, and we introduced a Sonic animation series over the last two years.



12 thoughts on “Sega CEO Haruki Satomi Talks About SEGA’s High Expectations For Sonic Games”

  1. Actions speak louder than words. Sonic Team and SEGA really need to step up their game. Forces was extremely lame, and the fact a team of fans can make a better game than anything Sonic Team has put out in years is downright pathetic.

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  3. I’m sorry but, Sonic Forces was a little disappointment. How is Sonic Mania is disappointing? Does that mean that we can’t get a 3D sonic game next year?.

  4. Sonic is almost dead to me at this point,SEGA just doesn’t seem to care about the quality of their Sonic games anymore.After Forces I’m not buying an other Sonic game unless most people agree it’s awesome,Sonic Forces felt like a scam to me,with Classic Sonic playing like shit,Modern Sonic having boring level design,Chaos is not even a boss and Super Sonic was paid dlc(I got the game at launch and sold it before he because free).Of course that doesn’t includ Christian Whitehead and his team,they make awesome stuff and I look forward to the Mania dlc and all their futur projects

  5. Sega, the fans have been asking for Sonic Adventure 3 but you have close your ears like a child that don’t want to hear something and you have seen the consequences of ignoring us: terrible sales one after another.

    If you truly want to have a successful 3D Sonic, make one that has the best things of Adventure 1 (overworld) and Adventure 2 (challenge and hidden upgrades) plus polishing the game.

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