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Video: Crazy Justice Nintendo Switch And Xbox One Cross-Play Footage

The upcoming Crazy Justice for the Nintendo Switch supports cross-platform play which means you can play against players playing on their Xbox One or PC when you are online. Rocket League also supports this along with Minecraft. The team over at Black Riddles Studios has uploaded a new video today showcasing Nintendo Switch and Xbox One cross-play. Take a watch below.

“Black Riddles Studios is happy to introduce a new gameplay footage of Crazy Justice on Nintendo Switch. Also the game will support Cross-Play, but players will always have the option of choosing to play only with the same platform players.”

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!


  1. have the option to play only your own platform ERM WHY WHY WOULD THAT MATTER SO XBOX CASUALS WHEN GETTING GYRO MOUSED TO A WALL can go all casual mode easy mode and block us real gamers

    i not only want this cross play i want it so they canot do this so every cross p;ay game has switch players owning the top 10 to 100 with REAL SKILLS

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