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You Can Get A Replacement Cover For Gal*Gun 2 In North America

You may remember that the release of Gal*Gun 2 in North America didn’t go quite to plan as the game had the inside cover of another game. If you’ve purchased the game and live in North America PQube is offering you the chance to get a replacement cover for the game free of charge. All you need to do is use this form.


  1. Odd how they wanted the county I live in and not the state, yet then asked for the zipcode, which basically tells what county I’m in lol.

  2. Wha… how the heck did someone manage to print a cover for the wrong game on the inside?

  3. that is a good question and only our Lord and Savior Zeno knows and he will kill us if we ask.

  4. Please buy this game if you are interested. It only has censorship of what needed to be censored. It’s better than tokyo mirage.

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