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Video: Digital Foundry Examines Whether Sony Could Make A PS4 ‘Switch’

The team at Digital Foundry is obsessed with the latest video game technology and have produced a number of insightful videos in the past. Their latest project examines whether Sony could realistically create a PlayStation 4 style Nintendo Switch system.

Is Switch truly one of a kind, or could Sony – and indeed Microsoft – create their own console hybrids? Rich explains why it’s actually more likely that Switch could step up to challenge those consoles rather than the other way around.

34 thoughts on “Video: Digital Foundry Examines Whether Sony Could Make A PS4 ‘Switch’”

  1. Watched the video and if the Sonyan forces try to make their own Switch then there will be a war. By the way the man in the video really touches some points about the Switch and I agree about the part that Nintendo should do something to extend the power of the Switch by not making a new console but some sort of powered up dock that allows the Switch to have more RAM and better resolution. I changed the monitor where I play the Switch and now I play games at FULL-HD and it’s really amazing.

    I also love the statement about the impossible port of Doom on the Switch. Yeah the impossible is possible.

    1. My view on this is a bit different. The Switch is a marvel as it is. But I simply think what holds it back is its 4GB RAM when compared to 8GB of both the Xbox 1 and PS4. I wouldn’t want that RAM on a dock. Maybe a small amount just to stabilize performance and resolution, but I’d like the Switch itself to have More RAM added. Thankfully, they are using scalable architecture so that’s completely possible.

      1. Out of those 8Gigs of RAM, do you know how many are just for the OS?
        I’ll let you do some research, and you’ll understand that RAM is not an issue at all!
        Maybe the type of the RAM is an issue, but not the amount!

      2. The xbox and ps4 only use 5 GB of ram for gaming o3o the missing ram is just what keeps it from having system based voice chat and multitasking, as that’s what the other consoles use that extra ram for

    2. Only way they culd extend the power of the Switch through the Dock is if they change from a standard USB-C to a Thunderbolt 3. Which means u will hav to buy the New Switch (like New 3DS).

      1. I agree with him and probally played more nintendo games+ hours than you ever will. First of all I don’t care what so ever for the portable part , and second of all the only games that intrest me are Zelda,Metroid,Pokemon and Mario wich doesn’t justify buying a switch. And even those games would be even better on a dedicated powerfull home console. I even spoke to people that work for Nintendo and agree with me or understood my opinion. There only argument was that the Switch is doing well , wich is fine but that doesn’t make it a good console for core gamers who grew up with Nintendo. The wii sold great but everybody and there mothers played it for Tennis, Bowling , Golf type games wich doesn’t mean it can rival the Snes library wich is still the best Nintendo console to date , only Sony has matched that in the past specially the ps1.

      2. Calling the Switch “revamped Wii U” shows how little you know about it. Your statement that you are Nintendo fan directly interferes with the fact that you don’t care about its latest console. I see no reason to continue this conversation with someone who offends our Commander.

    1. If Sony “needs” to do this, it’s because of how poorly Sony’s other divisions are doing. I can see the electronics and movie divisions putting pressure on the games division to not just be successful but to have absolute market dominance. It wouldn’t be totally shocking. The PS3 was doing just fine, but not amazing, and they still felt the need to release playstation move.

      1. “The question is, whether Sony could ever make anything like the Switch.”

        History suggests that they would make 2 mistakes.

        1. Believing message board gamers when they say they want lots and lots more power. 95% of the market doesn’t give a crap about 30 fps and 60 fps (even when they should). Handhelds especially lean more heavily towards the crowd who doesn’t care about this type of thing. So Sony makes a product $150 overpriced and never takes off.

        2. Running the assumption that because they get 3rd party support on the main series playstations, that this means they’ll automatically just be handed 3rd party support for the Playstation hybrid. They plan a small handful of launch games made by themselves, and nothing else. Console arrives DOA from lack of support because it turns out all the multiplat game devs that toss things on the PS don’t want to make entirely unique software for just one platform that isn’t proven yet.

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  3. Could? Sure. Will? They absolutely do not want to. They’ve gotten their teeth kicked in against Nintendo multiple times in the portable market. If they make the call to also make a hybrid machine, it’s because they feel they have to because they’re losing out on too much of the home market.

    1. Sure, Nintendo did better than both of Sony’s handheld offerings but the PSP didn’t really sell poorly. It sold 82 million units which is more than the 3DS has sold thus far.

  4. they’ll do it.
    Kalas, i know you can’t wait for to make the switch…
    just imagine that ps move…
    in your ass…
    that’s what you’ll call…
    A JOYcon!

    – Church of Sasori

  5. After the failure of the Vita to capture the Western audience, I dont think Sony would be wise to try to emulate Nintendo here. They tried to do the Playstation Move based on the success of the Wii and that did not go well (same for Xbox’s Kinect).

    1. Part of that had to do with how poorly Sony themselves supported the Move at first. But considering they’re now used for PlayStation VR, one could argue that it didn’t do that badly.

    2. PS Move may have been lackluster compared to the Wii (better than Kinect, though), but it DID find second wind on the Playstation VR, which is actually doing decent for being a very niche product. Nintendo could easily do this with the Switch similar to how Samsung did VR with their Galaxy S phones, but that would require a “Switch Mini” to be more viable, and the VR market itself would have to really expand. They’re not going to have a repeat of the Virtual Boy.

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