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Rumour: More Star Fox Grand Prix Information Possibly Revealed

Liam Robertson has discussed a number of things that he has heard about Retro Studios Star Fox Grand Prix for Nintendo Switch on a recent podcast. He says that these things may or may not be true, but it is what he has heard. Of course, the game hasn’t been confirmed but it’s sounding likely that it’s just one of the games that Nintendo could be preparing for E3 next month in L.A. Here’s what Liam says he has heard so far (thanks to Reset Era member Dark Cloud)

  • The game is not like F-Zero
  • He’s seen a more complete version of the logo
  • The game is based on the arwing (which differentiates it from F-Zero)
  • He was told the title “Star Fox Grand Prix” was a tentative title
  • The game is a mixture between classic Star Fox and racing
  • You shoot enemies to propel forward and get combos; you can shoot other players too
  • Each Grand Prix is three tracks with a boss fight- where the boss comes onto the track
  • It has a big hub area where you can interact with the Star Fox characters
  • You pick up new missions at the hub and there’s story content to go through
  • The game looks really really good in motion
  • He also heard Retro was considering adding cameos like Donkey Kong
  • He also heard it was a 2019 game, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was a 2018 game


63 thoughts on “Rumour: More Star Fox Grand Prix Information Possibly Revealed”

  1. Sounds like tripe to me lol I sure as shit hope this is not real :/ … I really don’t know why retro ain’t doing Metroid, they are the best at it!

      1. More like most to all. Studios are super fluid and it’s mostly the leadership that keeps them consistent across projects. That said, I’m pretty sure leadership has all changed since Metroid. The director of the Prime games left in 2008 and basically the only thing that is likely the same is the producer at Nintendo that’s overseeing their games (he’s also producing Prime 4). At any rate, this studio is now far more experienced with platformers than they are with anything like Metroid.

      2. This here is the key…

        If the team who made the Prime games have moved on, it makes sense to have the current retro team make a game they are comfortable making.

        We may never get the prime level quality from retro again..

  2. Why can’t we have a port of Star Fox Zero with the controls fixed and online multiplayer. I’ve been wanting to play Star Fox online ever since I played Assault since I don’t know anyone to invite over for it.

  3. This isn’t the Star Fox game we need right now. We need a true-to-form classic Star Fox game without a recycled plot or a gimmicky dual perspective mechanic. This might lead to another Federation Farce event.

    1. I’m not sure we need a rail shooter in this day and age. Star Fox needs busted off the rails for me to play it again.

        1. Not really what I meant, and of course I don’t want this to be a replacement for the main series. I think something like a space sim (think classic games like Tie Fighter, Freespace 2, or more modern games like Everspace, X3 series, etc) with the fast, arcade feeling of classic Star Fox would be way better than a rail shooter.

          Now there’s nothing to say that a Star Fox racing game is bad. It could be good! It sounds like it has a neat shooting mechanic and boss fights in a racer could be really interesting. If this didn’t have Star Fox on it and it was a new Nintendo IP, I don’t think people would be so quick to dismiss it.

          We JUST had a new Star Fox game. Yeah it was bad for a lot of reasons. But it’s not exactly surprising that we don’t have a new one coming out right now. Maybe, if this game sells well enough, Nintendo will see excitement behind the IP and make a new game in the main series, instead of just letting the IP die after the last train wreck. Maybe if Retro does well enough, they’ll take over for a real Star Fox next.

    1. I think this was fake at least according to Nintendo life. There’s no No More Hero’s and no Bayonetta 3 and if those games are coming out this year, I’d consider them pretty huge for them to not get a spotlight being Switch exclusives.

      Also, I sure hope this Star Fox rumor is a bust because Star Fox deserves better than this. This is spin off territory but not the kind Star Fox deserves. I remember watching some show ( I think it was Jimmy Falons show) where they asked Miyamoto something and his answer was that “he wished Star Fox was more popular” or something along those lines. I felt for him cuz Star Fox was such an amazing game back on SNES and N64. Even the adventure one on GameCube was fun to me.

      If they want to make Star Fox more popular I really don’t think a racing Star Fox will help matters and I fact it could make things worse ….

      Luckily I give Liam about as much cred as I do Emily so I hope this turns out to be some crazy internet rumor they fell victim to as it wouldn’t be the first time 😋

        1. True, well E3 is close now so the rumors are bound to be wild till then, we’ll just wait and which we’re true, lucky guesses and straight up surprises. Just Nintendo keeps the hype train rolling ;)

    2. I never realized I wanted Link’s Awakening 3D so badly (assuming 3D means graphics a la ALBW with 2D gameplay)

    3. That’s a curious list, but I stopped believing it when I saw Metroid Prime and Yoshio Sakamoto listed together. As far as I know, he has always had little to no involvement in the Prime games and I highly doubt he’d ever advertise one.

    4. This would be so awesome and most of it felt quite believable, but Links Awakening 3D sounds like something only a fan could come up with for a fakesheet. But then again this game is still seen as one of the greatest portable games ever by many and I’d buy it day 1.
      Everything else sounds kinda legit, Fallout 3 Anniversary for instance; I actually hoped for that.

      1. I understand your concern due to the fact that this is a spinoff rather than a core game, but u gotta admit the whole boss on the last track of each grand prix thing sounds cool

  4. Starting to hope this is real. The idea that you shoot enemies to gain a boost sounds like an interesting concept and it sounds like if done right could be similar enough to the classic gameplay we’ve all wanted to return.

    1. You do realise it’s a racing game don’t you? How is that like the shooter we’ve all wanted to return?

      1. Yes I’m aware its a racing game at its core. But unlike other spin-off games this one has potential to play very similarly to a tried and true Star Fox game. Above it lists that shooting enemies gives the R-Wing a boost. If they fill the screen with enough “boost” opportunities the game in theory could still feel like a traditional Star Fox game even while trying to be something else.

        Of course its also likely my hopes for this rumored game turning out in the best possible way could more flawed than I would like it to be. Only time will tell if this rumor is actually true or not and if true, can it in some way simulate the classic Star Fox feel while pulling off a racing game simultaneously?

  5. So basically the last original Statfox was Assault. While Starfox 64 has been rehashed how many times because Zero is also rehashed. Why doesnt video game developers just produce another game immediately after the 1st game debuts? I dont get the process in that. Example. If DKTF for Switch is outselling Wii U version. Use the damn money to make another damn DK Game immediately.

    1. Yeah, but pumping out games too fast tends to harm the quality of the game, and even then, making a good game takes time. Not to mention, Retro might be feeling a little burned out on DKC. You never know, Star Fox Kart Racing might be a good game. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  6. I’m sorry. I just… I hear “Star Fox Grand Prix” and the worst images pop into my head. IF this is real, they’d better do this right. And I just say that to give myself some hope. My pessimistic side says that this is a gimmicky, dumb idea.

    I just played Assault for the first time. I loved it. Why can’t they make games like that? To be fair, I haven’t played Zero. I did hear that it had some bad points like the controls.

    1. Not only were the controls gimmicky to the point of “almost” being broken (but great in two player mode), but they were so tailored to the Wii U, that a port of any kind is nigh near impossible. Lets see if this racer will garner enough support to bring a return of a mainline Star Fox game. One better suited for the Switch.

    1. Why give platforming mario a racing game? Or Diddy, Crash, Sonic, the entire Konami franchise, MySims, M&M’s, Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds, Sackboy, Pacman, Bomberman, even Nascar and F1 have racing games (no, wait, that makes sense). Kart races make great couch co-op games as well as great online gaming. So what’s one more racing game based on a popular franchise? Plus this one is rather unique compared to everything else out there. And sounds like a lot more fun to boot.

  7. The other day I was walking past nintendo HQ and I had some uncontrollable bowel movement. Fortunately enough they let me in to use their facilities to relief myself. While proceding with the above mencioned bowel movement I noticed an E3 list written on toilet paper that I now share with You all :

    * Animal Crossing: Isabelle’s rampage
    * Fire Emblem: Once in a blue Moon
    * Pikmin 4
    * Pokemon Republicans & Pokemon Democrats
    * Super Smash Bros Switch
    * Star Fox Adventures 2: Primate Planet
    * The Legend of Zelda: Link’s awakening Remake for 3ds

    Don’t need to thank me just pay it foward ;)

  8. Even trying to make this sound good in my head doesn’t really work. If they aren’t doing somethinhg superawesome to justify them dragging from MP4 development, then please do another Donkey Kong game instead. When TF was announced I already felt like “What? No Metroid?” but now (especially as TF turned out to be excellent) I’d totally take a third (dimension …? ) Kong game over that one.

    I can totally imagine that it’s fun, that if offers some gameplay mechanics that we haven’t seen before and getting into it could turn out rewarding and fun. Still if the overall concept doesn’t sound interesting to begin with, it feels like a waste of potental that might have better been invested into a new F-Zero game.

    I really can’t understand how Nintendo would choose creating another needless SF-spinoff racing game over using the F-Zero brand to create a racing game that really uses 100% of it’s brand potential.
    I assume Star Fox is about as popular as F-Zero. But both brands only work if they are being used for the genre they got popular for. Noone would like to play F-Zero Arcade shooter, people would ask themselves why this isn’t a Star Fox game.
    It’s a bit like Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts.

    But of course we still got no idea if there’s anything to these rumors.

    1. Even though I have to agree that Star Fox racing isn’t really good idea and new Star Fox could be much better, I must say that imo we don’t need new F-Zero because we already have one. There’s already Fast RMX on the Switch which takes really lot of inspiration from F-Zero and it’s really good game.

  9. Why do people keep making F-Zero comparisons? This game sounds nothing like an F-Zero style game!

  10. I think Joshua is trying WAY too hard to justify this game’s existence if it turns out to be real. After the letdown that was Star Fox Zero, a racing spin off for Star Fox is the LAST thing this franchise needs. It’d be like making a god damn Metroid racing game instead of Metroid Prime 4 after the shitstorm that was Federation Force. Oh wait! Federation Force was Metroid racing, sort of, since it came after the highly hated Other M! My bad.

    Honestly? I look forward to this game. I look forward to seeing it flop just as bad as Ghostbusters 2016, Fantastic Four reboot, Federation Force, Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash, E.T. The Game. Afterwards, find the person that thought this was a good idea & push him, or her, off a bridge. (Okay. That last part was a joke. Still, at least punch the bitch.)

  11. I hope this is fake because there are star fox fans that wanted a sequel. I know how it feels to see a beloved franchise being turned into something that was not meant to be. The change in Paper Mario taught me that feeling.

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