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Capcom Has Shared Results Of Mega Man Survey

Capcom recently conducted a Mega Man survey via Japanese publication Famitsu. An impressive 1,473 Japanese gamers took part in the survey for the iconic gaming franchise and 2,603 people responded from outside of Japan, mainly from North America. Here’s the results from that survey:

  • Majority of people started playing the franchise with Mega Man 2
  • Bass was the most popular character, with Protoman coming second, and Mega Man coming third.
  • The favorite stage out of the Classic series was Gravity Man’s stage, with Snake Man’s and Quick Man’s stages following
  • Quick Man’s stage was voted as the hardest to beat, followed by Guts Man and Wily Stage 1 from the original Mega Man
  • The ‘hardest boss to beat’ was Yellow Devil, followed by Quick Man and Wily Capsule from Mega Man 7.
  • Metal Blade was the winner of the ‘Favorite boss weapon’ question, though Pharaoh Shot and Slash Claw were popular too
  • One question on the survey was ‘What you would advise Dr. Wily to do if you were his assistant’.
  • Fans suggested all the bosses fighting Mega Man at once, using more spikes, and making bosses out of Met helmets
  • The survey also looked at 2,603 people who responded from outside of Japan, with most living in North America.
  • Many people commented on the Mega Man X and Mega Man Battle Network series as well
  • Favorite Classic Mega Man game was Mega Man 2, then Mega Man 3, and then Mega Man 8 was in third place
  • Favorite characters were Bass and Protoman, with Roll, Metal Man and Mega Man rounding out the top 5
  • ‘Favorite BGM’ had people choosing Mega Man X series BGMs
  • favorite classic series music was Dr. Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2
  • Galaxy Man Stage and Spark Man Stage themes took second and third
  • Most of the BGMs came from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3

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20 thoughts on “Capcom Has Shared Results Of Mega Man Survey”

    1. Well I loved Megaman 8 and imo it’s the best one out of the original series.
      But as far as the entire franchise go My favorite series and greatest MM series are the MM Zero series on the DS, those games are by far the most epic mega man games ever and best part Zero was the protagonist. If you haven’t played the Zero collection then you missed out on the story within the MM franchise.

  1. One thing that I didn’t like of Megaman 8 was that there wasn’t energy tanks which is something that has been since Megaman 2.

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    1. Lies. I want Battle Network again too. Even a series compilation on the Switch. Especially a series compilation on the Switch. Imagine if they gave it the Ace Attorney treatment with HD sprites replacing the pixel ones. I wouldn’t touch the music though. That was true art.

    2. You’re not the only one who wants another Battle network. I’m still waiting for Crashman.exe. Is that so much to ask for?

    1. I personally, like many others I know, felt that stage design was quite mediocre and not overly fun :S I often found myself quite bored in between that and lack of any real challenge. the swimming was clunky as was the “swinging” with the Thunder Claw, terrible voice acting and annoying stage gimmicks like the sledboard segments. Mega Man & Bass is what 8 should have been, and it is my favorite game in the classic series.

  3. Mega man 8 was one of the most nostalgic childhood games for me. Maybe the majority of voters are around my age.

  4. I am surprised to see nothing about ZX it was a well made hidden Gem for the DS seriously if it was handled right could have revitalized the series

  5. Mega Man 2 will always be my favorite as well. It was also the first Mega Man game me and my brother played when we were kids.

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