Nintendo Switch

Nicalis Says That They Offered Nintendo To Reveal Ikaruga Switch In A Direct

Earlier this month, Nicalis tweeted out an interesting tidbit about the announcement of Ikaruga on Nintendo Switch. Nicalis confirmed that they actually offered Nintendo to reveal the game in a Direct. However, Nicalis says that Nintendo of America “wasn’t interested”. The tweet that Nicalis made can be seen down below, so feel free to check it out.




  1. I heard Treasure was up to something, but was it this or something more? Last game they made was gaist crusher all the way back in 2014 for 3ds.


      1. Personally this game is a space shooter and it’s not so different from others space shooter


  2. That where they made their first mistake, they asked NoA.
    I don’t know what the game is, nor interested enough to find out, but you never ask NoA for anything, better chances on asking from NoE.


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