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First Update For Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Now Available To Fix Multiple Bugs On Nintendo Switch

The first software update for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is now available for download on Nintendo Switch. Update version 1.0.1 fixes multiple bugs that affect various portions of the recently-released game. Official patch notes from Nintendo are as follows:

  • Fixed a bug where Tetra and King Daphnes’ starting levels were different according to whichever mode they were unlocked in. Tetra should unlock at level 34, and King Hyrule at Level 37.
  • Fixed bug where Magic gauge wasn’t filling at first level of Smash Boost Power.
  • Fixed bug where game was sometimes stopping immediately after Legend Mode “Liberation of the Triforce ” started.
  • Fixed bug where a portion of character voices were not playing correctly.
  • Fixed bug where player could not enter unlocked maps when restarting game right after unlocking moon area on Termina Map.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.



    1. It’s amazing what can make bugs crop up and there’s absolutely more than just squashing a few graphical glitches involved in a port. Plus they were combining content from the Wii U and 3DS, so there was more to this one than just a straightforward port. A lot of the code was opened up and worked on.

  1. I also found a bug, possibly. In adventure mode, adventure map, the level where you can get 2 golden skull spiders. I mean the level from left to right, 12 spaces, and from up to down, 6 spaces (Rescue the allied forces! Lv1) the 2nd golden skull never shows up, even with the requirement to make it spawn. I tried it 3 times with different characters, it never shows up. I hope they fix this to.

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