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PlayStation 4’s Everybody’s Golf Allows You To Play As Professor Layton, Yokai Characters And More

It’s not technically Nintendo news, I know, but Everybody’s Golf for the PlayStation 4 will allow players to play as a number of character that have appeared exclusively on Nintendo platforms. Yes, you will be able to play as the knowledgable Professor Layton who has appeared in many Nintendo 3DS titles and also Jibanyan and Komasan from the established Yokai-Watch franchise. Here’s a trailer showing the characters in action.

“Users who participate in the collaboration tournaments will be able to get costumes of Jibanyan and Komasan from the Yo-kai Watch series, Professor Layton from the Professor Layton series, Evan and Tani from the Ni no Kuni series, Toan and Xiao from Dark Cloud, and White Knight from the White Knight Chronicles series. Three golf carts in the style of Katrielle from the Professor Layton series, Jibanyan, and White Knight will also be released as a downloadable content set for 500 yen.”


18 thoughts on “PlayStation 4’s Everybody’s Golf Allows You To Play As Professor Layton, Yokai Characters And More”

  1. All of this time this game has been in stores, and this is just NOW being announced?

    Nintendo needs to get themselves out of the bunker and release a new Mario Golf for the Switch. It’s been ridiculously too long since Toadstool Tour on Gamecube (the 3DS game doesn’t count). It’s also been too long since Super Sluggers on Wii. Even though that’s baseball.

    1. Exactly how does World Tour not count? It’s a Mario Golf game with all the trimmings of a Mario Golf game.

      If you’re attempting to put it under the Ultra Smash category of half-assed Mario sports games, know that World Tour has like twice the content Toadstool Tour has.

      1. World Tour was nowhere near as good as the major console versions of Mario Golf. It also seemed far easier to me. And since I’m not much of a handheld fan anymore (haven’t touched my 3DS in almost 3 years), it’s a crying shame when Nintendo releases a game on 3DS, and then expects it to be good enough to hold everyone over for years to come. That would be as bad as if Nintendo announced that last Smash Bros. game, and said it was only for the 3DS. That wouldn’t have made no sense.

        A sequel to a major console series that releases on 3DS should NEVER be expected to be good enough to keep fans satisfied. Like that idiotic move to bring Luigi’s Mansion 2 to 3DS (which wasn’t nearly as good, imo). What were they thinking? Now they’re bringing the original to 3DS, instead of bringing a brand new one to the Switch. It’s no wonder why my Switch rarely gets touched.

        1. You’re basically saying Nintendo should’ve treated the 3DS like Sony did the Vita.
          Your own personal bias against the 3DS doesn’t make the games on it objectively worse than their console counterparts.

          1. Well if there was a good console release on par with past console entries, people like The Collector wouldn’t have an issue. Imagine if Fusion was on GBA but there was no Metroid Prime on Gamecube. I guarantee people would have been upset if that were the case back then.

            1. There is no issue though. Metroid Fusion and Mario Golf World Tour are both good games. Your subjective view of the platform it’s on holds no bearing on the actual quality of the game.

  2. Lol I never understood the likeability of Komasan. Maybe it’s from the TV show and how stupid he was in there and that they made him have this awful accent and southern cowboy drawl.

  3. Those have been Nintendo only since they were created… I wonder if this is their way of starting to go muti-platform with those games.. I don’t know what others are complaining about though, I think the graphics look fine. They just look ridiculous playing golf because they normally don’t.

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