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Rumour: Official Pokemon Project Eeevee Twitter Account Says “Prepare For Tomorrow” (Update)

Original Post: It sounds as though Emily Rogers was correct when she said to expect Pokemon news this month as the official Project Eeevee Twitter account says “Prepare for tomorrow.” So it sounds as though we can expect a Pokemon announcement of some kind. Whether it is for the Pokemon title coming to the Nintendo Switch remains to be seen.

Update: Dr Serkan Toto says that Nibel’s translation could be incorrect. Here’s what he says: “Japanese includes an expression people here sometimes use and that roughly translates to “Let’s sleep early, so we are ready for tomorrow”. As always we shall have to wait and see if anything happens.

Thanks to Sem I for the news tip!

63 thoughts on “Rumour: Official Pokemon Project Eeevee Twitter Account Says “Prepare For Tomorrow” (Update)”

  1. Cue the “it was a lucky/easy guess” comments… From the same people saying it wouldn’t make any sense with E3 right around the corner…

  2. Can we give Emily her credit when she’s right the same way we tear her down when she’s wrong? Find out on the next episode of My Nintendo News!

    1. Mother 3 still isn’t out so I’ll let that false rumor cancel this one out… if something actually happens tomorrow involving new games.

    2. It’s pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that Emily has sources. Of course she gets things wrong (probably because she was misinformed or plans were changed after she talked to her sources) but she gets a lot right and what she says is easily specific enough that random chance struggles to account for it.

      1. She does. It’s likely a knows someone who knows someone kind of thing. But by the very nature of being unreliable, she’s not “useful” because we don’t know when she’s accurate. Plus, somewhere down the line someone’s violating their NDA and she’s taking advantage of it for attention. It’s annoying.

        I guess I think of it like okay, my wife is a doctor and is very careful to never let me see or hear patient info. But there’s always a chance that I’m going to accidentally hear something, just because sometimes she’s working at home. If I did and went online to post what I heard, I might not be personally violating hippa or any oaths, but I’d still be a jerk.

      2. I mean she also says things like “the next Pokémon game will be an RPG with at least 2 versions”… Which she then clarified to say “I didn’t say they would be core games” even though the official announcement at E3 2017 literally used the words “core games”. Let’s not pretend she’s the best at this.

    3. She still made a lot of wrong predictions that heavily outways her right ones, so she needs to be right about a few more things before I start seeing her as credible.

        1. Still though, from what I’ve seen there is less than 50% accuracy for her, but her most recent predictions were true. Maybe she’s getting better information or I found out about her during a bad time when it was one wrong thing after another? Still don’t trust her yet.

          1. I’m not sure if I can trust her or not. But, some people don’t believe her predictions because they believe she is wrong from the start. I don’t understand why Nintendo supporting her sources. She does been getting alot of information about this. I’m really 55% if I could trust her.

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    1. It’s swings and roundabouts today! Dr. Serkan Toto is knowledgeable in Japanese and it seems as though Nibel might have gotten the translation wrong. I do generally trust Emily, Liam and Laura Kate Dale. They aren’t perfect, and things do change. But they are more reliable than some ‘insiders’ floating around the internet.

      1. Ah now worries, I get it. Actually seeing if these people are right or wrong is becoming part of the whole E3 extravaganza this time of year so as always, just need to wait and see.

        I’ll tell you what, if she’s right about this I’ll stop posting anything about her on this site. If she’s wrong however ….. 😈. 😋

      2. Well you could be right. Some people like them could be knowledgeable from there sources and there rumors. If your saying you could trust them, then that’s fine. At least Everyone can’t support those rumors that Nintendo mention from other games.

  6. That’s good than if Emily rogers is true on this than that is ok, does it it means you should rely off all of her rumours and sources no that’s what most people meant on the last page this comment section sure is something, I’m just going to sit here and eat popcorn

    1. The sad truth is it’s pretty easy these days for people to lump everyone that criticizes something into the same group. First it was Ghostbusters 2016 where everyone that criticized it was just a s e xist pig even if the s e xist pigs were few & far between. It’s been all downhill from there.

    2. We all not saying we don’t believe her, were saying that this announcement is gonna be wild for everyone. Let’s cross our fingers if it’s a new generation.

      1. I can’t wait for stuff to be announce but it was mention on twitter that it was google translated, and that it was not like teasing an announcement you know tomorrow is Memorial Day it was mention that the users should get some rest, it was also stated that majority of Pokemon twitter do this all time

        1. Me too and perhaps your right. I know the Pokemon company is doing it’s own thing perhaps, but I’m still praying that this could be a new generation. I know alot of fans want to get some sleep in this announcement. But looks like we better do it early.

    3. Dude you were going crazy yesterday saying no one should listen to her, now you change your mind? Please.. YOU should stop commenting on news like this.

      1. And I definitely wasn’t going crazy, if I was I would have said she’s getting on my last nerves or she’s driving me crazy lmao stop assuming others emotions before commenting this is the internet after all you can’t take everything serious

      2. I think you misinterpreted what some people were saying about Emily in the previous Emily article. Some of us weren’t tearing her down, some of us weren’t saying she’s a lying attention seeker, etc. Some of us simply pointed out she’s not always a credible source of information as she does get things wrong just as much as she does get things right so take anything she reports with a grain of salt & don’t go 100% into believing her.

  7. Now that I have read the update about Dr. Serka Toto, I have lowed my expectations. Of course if it truly happens I’ll be fine, just hope is a core RPG Pokemon and not a spin off.

      1. If they do that, people will get angry because they alredy had a decepcion with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. I hope Nintendo had learned from the Ultra games complain, unless they want that people flood the internet with negative comments.

  8. I’m done debating on the subject of Emily & criticizing her. If she’s right, she’s right. If she’s wrong, she’s wrong. Still not gonna eat up everything she, or anyone else for that matter, says til the company the rumor is about reveals something themselves. I consider all rumors bullshit even if they by some chance come from someone I actually like or follow.

    1. Well, looks like Emily might be right about this that is announcing early this month. I’m not saying I believe her, I’m saying this is a final phase for Nintendo. The wait is over everyone.

  9. Well, looks like Emily might be right about this that is announcing early this month. I’m not saying I believe her, I’m saying this is a final phase for Nintendo. The wait is over everyone.

  10. Y’all were fucking with Emily Rodgers, and guess what I told you. *Give her a chance*

    Seriously, she has to have sources. Screw all that “lucky guess” crap you all are giving her. You’re just finding anyway to disprove anyone these days.

    1. With all the fake news & bullshit lies spread on social media these days, you shouldn’t fault people for taking a step back & thinking this person or that person might actually be full of shit. As the old saying goes, don’t believe everything you hear.

    2. Except we still don’t know if anything is going to be revealed tomorrow or not, hence the word “Rumor” at the beginning of this article’s title.

      If something does get revealed tomorrow, it’s definitely not going to be anything major.

      With a code name like “Project Eevee” it’ll most likely be the rumored Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu games that, unless you’re a die hard Eevee and Pikachu fan, no one will really care about. Heck, with titles like those, they’ll probably be reveled as free-to-play mobile games that people will forget about in a month or so.

      I don’t know much about, Emily Rogers, but from what I’ve heard, she’s been more wrong than right so you can’t really blame anyone for not seeing her as a credible source.

  11. Please Pokémon developers, don’t give us a mediocre game tomorrow. This time you won’t hear simple complaints like in the Ultra games reveal. People want something good in the first Pokémon Switch game and if people get a deception again don’t expect a thank you from them.

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