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Mega Man Cartoon To Be Titled Mega Man: Fully Charged And Toys Coming From Jakks Pacific

The Licensing Expo 2018 has revealed that the upcoming Mega Man cartoon will officially be titled Mega Man: Fully Charged and will be arriving on Cartoon Network in North America sometime this year. It was also revealed that the cartoon will be getting its own toy line courtesy of the folks over at Jakks Pacific. These are coming in 2019.


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23 thoughts on “Mega Man Cartoon To Be Titled Mega Man: Fully Charged And Toys Coming From Jakks Pacific”

    1. What makes it worse is at it’s made by DHX, majority of there shows aren’t good and don’t even last that long slug terra is one of them, and mega man is borrowing the style from that show expect some lazy voice acting and bland, boring characters, and uninspired background

  1. Watch as soon as the toys dip in sales or flops completely the Cartoon will get canceled immediately. This always happens to Cartoons that produced along with a line up of toys, look at the recent He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and Thundercats animated series. I’m not gonna waste my time watching another series get canceled, not this time, I’m not falling for the toyline promoted crap ever again!

  2. I might never buy these toys, but anything to keep the Blue bomber alive. You know what? I’ve been calling Megaman “the blue bomber” a lot recently. Maybe I should go back to calling him Megaman.

      1. I’d rather have Megaman with fart jokes than hear someone call Megaman dead one more time.

  3. His eyes look so stupid! Why they couldn’t give it to an anime maker like Akira Toriyama or Masashi Kishimoto!? Megaman should have a new anime, not a stupid cartoon show that’s 90% comedy (in most of the cartoons of today) and just 10% action!

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