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New Stage And Weapons Now Available In Splatoon 2

As we previously mentioned earlier in the week, today has seen the introduction of a new stage in Splatoon 2 which is Wahoo World. That’s not all, as new weapons have also been added to the game which simply keeps on giving. Nintendo has detailed everything new that’s now available in the game. Have a read below.

New Stage

First of all, Wahoo World is now open for business! Don’t let this amusing amusement park fool you though—while it’s a rather nice date spot for Inkling couples, the battles here are no less ink-tense. Just remember to keep your guard up and not get distracted by the sights!

New Weapons

Of course, as is the new norm, there are also FOUR new weapons available. Ammo Knights is now stocked with:

  • Rapid Blaster Pro Deco w/ Splash Wall & Ink Armor – With a decorated pro headlining this kit, we’d recommend it for aggressive players who can manage their range.
  • Carbon Roller Deco w/ Burst Bombs & Autobomb Launcher – This kit rolls out a new design for the Carbon Roller and is great for players who like making big messes in a short amount of time.
  • Custom Dualie Squelchers w/ Splat Bombs & Ink Storm – Squelch your need for tactical support with this kit! This one’s for playmakers who like to boost the effectiveness of their teammates.
  • Undercover Sorella Brella w/ Splat Bomb & Baller Live out your dreams of being an action-movie star! With this kit, pin back the opposition, close the distance, and go toe to toe with your opponents.Hopefully these findings will help your own Inkling research. Stay tuned for more updates!


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