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Video: Mario Tennis Aces – All Special Shots And KOs

In case you have forgotten, the Online Tournament Demo for Mario Tennis Aces is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop and it’s admittedly very good fun. You can play against the CPU or alternatively play online in the tournament against players from across the world. One of the spectacular gameplay elements is the Special Shots and also the KOs which happen when you break an opponents racket with a special move. Here’s a look at those for all the characters included in the demo on the eShop.

7 thoughts on “Video: Mario Tennis Aces – All Special Shots And KOs”

  1. The gameplay in this one feels better than the GameCube one, to be honest. It is quite fun, despite the amount of lag in some games.

    1. They’ll probably fix it before the game launches meanwhile they need to focus on the lag with online it seems to be worse than splatoon 2 servers

      1. I’ve never had an ounce of lag in Splatoon 2 (if on wireless, make sure you have a router that’s putting out a 5ghz band for buttery smooth connections), but I’ve had a few laggy matches of Tennis. Since both are P2P, I’m not sure why I see so little in one and not the other. It seems like one laggy player affects the whole match, while in Splatoon their lag is just experienced on the laggers end.

        1. No I’m saying like if the internet was bad if will just cut you off from the team and there were fair warnings, aces just lags sometimes and cherry picks who wins the tournament if it’s really bad sometimes it’s really ruins shots

  2. After playing the demo, I have no choice but to buy this game. The new mechanics are fantastic. I believe they’ve finally topped Power Tennis in terms of gameplay. Can’t wait until the full game. :D

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