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SEGA explains why Sonic races in a car rather than on-foot in Team Sonic Racing

We recently received confirmation that Sumo Digital has been working hard on Team Sonic Racing for the Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Some people have been questioning why the super-fast Sonic needs an actual car to race in when he’s immensely fast and athletic. Aaron Webber took to a live stream to explain why this is, and here’s his reply.

“So we’re going to set the record straight just in case. If he’s not in a car guys, the race is over before it’s begun. You know this. You know he’s fast. He’s faster than cars, so we gotta equalize the playing field. So please, spread the word if you see anyone curious why he’s in a car, there you go.”


59 thoughts on “SEGA explains why Sonic races in a car rather than on-foot in Team Sonic Racing”

  1. They could just have everyone race on foot then. I know Sonic is technically the fastest, but how does that explain Sonic racing on foot in the Olympic games and not wrecking everyone immediately? Poor excuse. I’m sure the game will be solid but I have no interest in it. This reasoning is silly though haha.

    1. Sonic limited himself in the Olympics to play fair since the Olympics are mainly on foot in the first place. This is a racing game, not a marathon. The explanation makes perfect sense.

      1. In those games I mentioned, Sonic runs on foot in a core racing game. Your excuse for why he’s in a car isn’t valid. The explanation SEGA gives is ass.

      2. SEGA’s explanation is that Sonic is too fast to partake in a race, yet his past games proves otherwise. He may be limiting himself, sure, but those games still go to show that Sonic partaking in a foot race is still a plausible task. Like I said, SEGA’s excuse is trash. If after all I’ve said you still don’t see this, it’s either ignorance or denial. For your sake I’ll go with denial.

      3. Like the main comment that started this thread implies, we are putting everyone on their foot here.

      4. Even then, Sonic could still limit himself and run on foot while the others that need it use vehicles. Naturally fast characters run on foot, slower characters use vehicles. Actually a pretty good idea.

      5. Even if the game didn’t require being in a car, what was it you said still applies? Sorry, argument is getting difficult to keep track off, gotta be more specific.

      6. Oh, yeah, it’s obvious he still holds himself back. I brought up those examples of past games to show that he is till capable of racing on foot whether or not he has to hold himself back. That’s why SEGA’s explanation isn’t genuine.

    2. Like the main comment that started this thread implies, we are putting everyone on their foot here.

    1. How’s that a shit excuse when it’s true? Sonic and Shadow are literally the fastest, they’d always win, so you need a car to make it fair racing. They tried to have everyone run on foot in Sonic R, and that clearly doesn’t work. Do you even have any alternative, otherwise dno’t complain about it being a “shit excuse”.

      1. Sonic R came out in the 90’s, it’s 2018. Obviously the gameplay won’t be the same, don’t understand how you even came to such an ignorant conclusion man. There have been other games where they run on foot and guess what, Sonic doesn’t win every race. It is a lame excuse. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Sonic Rivals 1 and 2.

  2. Sonic is far from fast imo … You play and he’s fast but I’ve seen faster things, and if he stops it takes ages for him to get going… Only the cartoon is instant speed lol

    1. Sure, if you’re playing the boost games after Sonic Adventure. You should watch a speedrun some time:

  3. I don’t understand how people still say this, obviously he will be balanced out with the rest of the cast. Ever wonder why other characters in Smash 4 can even keep up with Sonic despite his actual speed? It’s because he’s been balanced out.
    It’s honestly just a lame excuse, I feel like them racing on foot and doing parkour and whatnot would make for some dope gameplay.

    1. Are you an idiot or something? Don’t relate Smash Bros to this, OBVIOUSLY Sonic doesn’t need to go full speed when he’s fighting in close range combat, as it’s unnecessary. And it’s not even made by SEGA, Sonic’s speed is not balanced in Smash Bros, as he doesn’t even use full speed in it. Them “Racing on foot and doing parkour” is just some terrible expectation from unappreciative fans like you, who don’t know how to stop acting selfish. I mean honestly, you think you need to run at full speed to punch someone right in front of you? No, you don’t, so stop saying that Sonic’s Speed is balanced, when he doesn’t need all his speed in Smash Bros, nor is that even a SEGA Game. Calling it “Lame”, but you don’t even have an alternative method to a racing game for Sonic. Before you start rambling blatant stupidity, research your facts, because you clearly don’t know anything.

      1. Enlighten me as to why Sonic runs on his feet in the Olympic games but doesn’t come first in every race. As you try to come up with an answer to that, also explain to me how it’s a selfish and terrible expectation to want a refreshing new gameplay style outside of the monotonous racing games they keep pumping out?

      2. Let’s not forget about Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, too. Give me the reason, other than balancing, for why it’s possible for Sonic to lose a race. I swear, you came up here talking about knowing my facts, the nerve of some people.

  4. Did people really did this explained to them? It’s not exactly rocket science to figure out why Sonic would be in a car to even the playing field.

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  6. Simple, because that’s what you do in a KART racing game.

    We also KNOW Sonic is fast, but who has the fastest ride?

    Why do we even have to explain this to people?

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  8. The simple excuse is: KART RACING IS A FUN ACTIVITY!!!!! Saying that it’s dumb for Sonic to race on a car because he’s faster is like saying: “Why don’t you use your hands when you play soccer,I mean you have hands,so use them”

  9. shmingmongglinggroo

    The real excuse is: “we cant be arsed to figure out how to do a proper on-foot Sonic racing game, so we did cars instead.” Seriously, if anyone needs to see Sonic R done proper, check out Mad Dash Racing done by Eidos on the original X-Box. It even has Gex as a playable character in it.

    1. You know he’d be in a car in this game too, right? Especially since, quote Tails:

      “Whoa, this guy’s faster than Sonic!”

      Infinite could have been a GREAT villain but his origin was so botched.

      1. Car, plane, submarine, don’t care. I just want Infinite. (Expansion DLC for Sonic Forces that rectifies the botching of Infinite would be such a great idea but Sega is too stupid (or too chickenshit) to try.)

  10. Ok how about this. Sonic is driving the kart so he’s not showing kids that it’s a good idea to run on the race track.

  11. Why do you people still need an explanation for this? We’ve literally had two other games in the past with Sonic in a car, how is it that this question is only being asked now?

  12. *facepalm* guys, sonic was in a fuckin car in Sonic & Sega all stars racing. (transformed version too) ALSO ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO RUN ON THE RACE TRACK, YOU COULD GET RUN OVER!

  13. I think it’s a good time to release this a racing with a popular mascot esp when Mario Kart 8 is now considered old. It’s as if Nintendo asked them to do so since MK9 will probably be coming or in 2019.

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