Nintendo Switch

Astro teams up with Nintendo for Zelda-themed Nintendo Switch headset

Astro previously announced a multi-year partnership with Nintendo in April and now we are seeing the fruits of their labour. The Astro A10 headset designed for the Nintendo Switch has a wonderful Zelda-themed design. The headset unfortunately won’t be available until later this year and pricing has yet to be announced. You can check out the design as well as future designs in the media gallery below.

Finding a good headset for Nintendo Switch can be difficult, mainly because the Switch routs chat through a mobile app. But the Breath of the Wild A10 will feature full chat capability on Switch “with a new discreet chat cable,” according to a news release. The unit has an omnidirectional mic and memory foam ear cushions.




      1. He still sorta has a point — seeing that there are hardly any games that have a voice chat feature.

        All in all, Pretty cool on their part, The routing was so stupid anyways…

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    1. If you see the headset of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3 and The Legend of Zelda they all 3 have a cable for comunication. Which means that Nintendo is probably thinking about voice chat integrated on the Switch

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    2. There teaming up with them they’ll add it somewhere down the line this isn’t new since Nintendo are partnering up with other headphone companies to bring the same experience, and so what Wii U had some stuff missing at launch but they were later add same with other consoles this isn’t new


  1. “Want voice chat directly through the Switch? Buy our headset that we partnered with a 3rd party to make for us so we can get more money from you suckers-err… We mean, our loyal customers!” Yeah. This will go great along side the Sandisk made Nintendo Switch Micro SD Cards that cost more than the ones without the Nintendo Switch logo. I wonder who Nintendo will partner with next.

    Wait a minute. Who the hell is Astro!?


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