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Yacht Club Games confirms no plans for secret Nintendo boss in Shovel Knight “At this time”

Responding to a Shovel Knight fan, Yacht Club Games has confirmed that it doesn’t have any current plans in regard to implementing a secret boss in the Nintendo Switch version of its popular retro-inspired platformer. Instead, the developer is focusing on the upcoming King of Cards expansion, which is still on track to arrive later this year.

Will there ever be a secret boss on Nintendo consoles like psn and Xbox had kratos and battletoads

Yacht Club Games: We do not have any plans at this time. Instead we are working on making King of Cards the best it can be for all platforms.

I’m talking about after king of cards

Yacht Club Games: We do not have any plans at this time.



    1. At least its free (if you own the Treasure Trove). If it cost money then I’d agree with you, but its essentially free extensions of an already great game. Kind of like if Mega man gave out a free DLC which doubles the amount of robot masters (bad example, but still an example anyway).

      1. The DLC is a stretchgoal they promised to make after the game’s initial release. Let them finish.

    2. They have no choice, it was a stretchgoal for the the kickstarter campaign that funded the whole game. If they didn’t do it they would have to refund everyone their money back. (Maybe, I’m not actually sure how all the legal stuff on Kickstarter works) The fact that they are putting so much time and effort into this dlc speaks really highly of them though. They could easily just rush this free dlc out as just a few slightly redesigned levels and reskinning shovel knight as the boss characters. But instead they pretty much just redesign everything. With whole new playstyles. It’s pretty crazy.

    3. They will- Super Shovel Knight, built with the SNES hardware in mind.

      (I’m totally joking- whatever their next actual new game is, I’m sure it will rock as much as SK does).

  1. Do we really need a Nintendo-exclusive boss? All the Nintendo platform versions have amiibo functionality and that’s already something that will *never* be on other platforms.

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