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Nintendo Is Now Using Wii U To Promote Mario Tennis Aces For Nintendo Switch

It appears as though Nintendo hasn’t fully given up on Wii U just yet. The company is now using the ill-fated console as a way to promote certain Nintendo Switch games, including Mario Tennis Aces. Check out the screenshot below to see an ad for the upcoming sports title displayed on the screen of a Wii U GamePad. It even includes a virtual button that you can click on to learn more about the game. Mario Tennis Aces is set to launch on June 22, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.



  1. It’s just Nintendo advertising on Wii U. Nothing new. They’ve done this before.

  2. LOL what? Gave up on Wii U why? Because it doesn’t get games anymore?

    They don’t give up on any system. They uphold the legacy the system carries and they will always acknowledge Wii U. The only thing they refuse to acknowledge is those CDI games for obvious reasons.

  3. “It appears as though Nintendo hasn’t fully given up on Wii U just yet” …I think encouraging people who still play on their Wii U’s to upgrade to the Switch means the exact opposite. “Not giving up” would be doing something like releasing more eshop titles. I would actually dig out my Wii U again if they were to release something like Radiant Dawn on there, it’s a bit expensive.

  4. I need new console from kickstarter. With no internet connection. All games Only physical releases. All games Only one full version (no dlc, updates). I cry for good old times snes, n64, gamecube. No day one patch garbages. But sad future of gaming coming – digital Only :(..
    I must buy many good old Classic games from ebay for invertor and play gaming without update waiting, without registration, without Forced multiplayer. In this real world is still less reaseons for living..

    1. My suggestion is only supporting physical friendly hardware and developers.
      I hope you’re not serious on the last line as gaming has evolved so much recently that you can’t depend on it. I’ve moved on from gaming onto technology in general.

    2. God bless games have digital lol or else I would be paying 3x it’s price just because of my country taxes heheheh.

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