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Trials Rising From Ubisoft Coming To Nintendo Switch

For the first time insane stunt motorbiking action title Trials Rising is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The news was announced by Ubisoft during their eccentric E3 2018 presentation. The game is due February 2019 and it seems there will be a closed beta.

7 thoughts on “Trials Rising From Ubisoft Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. Yes! It pisses me off, when they show a game, which could run on the Switch and for whatever reason it still won’t come for it (I AM LOOKIN AT YOU, NIER AUTOMATA!). 🙄

    1. Porting a game is hard when it comes to the switch and you need a lot of time to optimize it if you’re angry about it I recommend you to play it on the ps4

      1. What if some people don’t own PS4s? And even if the PS4 is cheaper to get these days as it was before, what if some people are on a budget and can’t afford one? There’s nothing with people wanting to have certain 3rd party games on the Switch and many developers have said that porting a game to the Switch isn’t that hard at all as some make it out to be. You can recommend other systems all you want but the reality is that not everybody have the luxury of these choices

    2. Don’t pull out your pitchfork just yet. They could have kept quiet about a Switch release because Nintendo wants to show it off themselves during their E3 Direct or during their Treehouse event. If they don’t announce it, then by all means.

  2. Did anyone else watch this during (or after) Ubisoft’s E3 event & think that Nintendo should make an Excitebike game in full 3D for Switch? Steep had a similar effect as the game made people want a 1080 Snowboarding game for Switch, too, from what I remember on here.

    1. Honestly, and still include its own Nintendo elements for stage building. I honestly think they should, but I’m glad the franchise is finally coming to Nintendo. Honestly most of the games iv seen at e3 this year could be brought to the switch. This is definitely something ill get for switch

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