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Video: The Elder Scrolls VI Official E3 Announcement Teaser

During its E3 2018 presentation, Bethesda Softworks formally confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI is officially in development at Bethesda Game Studios. The highly-anticipated next chapter in the iconic The Elder Scrolls series is currently in the pre-production phase, so it could take some time before more is shown off. Release platforms have yet to be revealed, but you can check out the E3 announcement teaser in the video below:

33 thoughts on “Video: The Elder Scrolls VI Official E3 Announcement Teaser”

  1. I’ll never be suckered into buying another Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim is one of my biggest regrets. I couldn’t believe how lousy it was after all of the praise I heard about it. So lousy that I had to stop playing after only level 6. It wasn’t just one or two things that was bad about it, but EVERYTHING. And some people had the nerve to say it was better than Breath Of The Wild. What were they smoking?

    1. if you seriously only played through till level 6 and called it, you didn’t want to enjoy it. Skyrim has so much content it’s absolutely insane in my opinion to NOT enjoy such a deep rpg.

      honestly its whatever, it’s just interesting to me you even play video games with the amount negativity towards majority you seem to have.

      1. A LOT of games that people love totally sucks to me. What can I say? I can’t count how many times I thought people were crazy. In Skyrim, I couldn’t stand the overall style of graphics, or the controls (I hate having to aim the pointer/crosshair at everything I want to interract with). The hit detection is horrible. When fighting enemies, you can’t even tell you’re hitting them until they die. When jumping around, your body doesn’t even appear to be landing properly. The menu and inventory system is so complicating and messed up (like, why couldn’t I carry a sword AND shield at once?). From the moment the game started, it looked like a PS2 game with semi-HD graphics. It looked and felt SO outdated. I was literally laughing at how bad the game looks. Particularly, the phony looking wolves (to name one).

        And after seeing the AMAZING games that SONY showed in their conference, who needs The Elder Scrolls anyway? I have high doubts that Nintendo will be able to match SONY. And that’s coming from a former (and current, in some ways) Nintendo fanboy.

      2. “In Skyrim, I couldn’t stand the overall style of graphics,”

        Fair, but subjective. It doesn’t mean the game sucks.

        “or the controls (I hate having to aim the pointer/crosshair at everything I want to interract with). ”

        ” The hit detection is horrible. When fighting enemies, you can’t even tell you’re hitting them until they die. When jumping around, your body doesn’t even appear to be landing properly.”

        These sound like you’re just not comfortable with the first person perspective. If you don’t like first person, that’s fine, but that’s subjective too. By the way, everything you hit has a life bar, that you evidently didn’t play the game long enough to notice.

        “The menu and inventory system is so complicating and messed up (like, why couldn’t I carry a sword AND shield at once?).”

        You can. You were trying to equip them to the same hand. You right click to equip thing to your right hand (which you use with right click) and you left click to equip things to your left hand. So you played the game for half an hour, didn’t understand how it worked, and rather than spend three seconds reading a tutorial, you just declared the game garbage instead.

        ” From the moment the game started, it looked like a PS2 game with semi-HD graphics. It looked and felt SO outdated. I was literally laughing at how bad the game looks. Particularly, the phony looking wolves (to name one).”

        Ok. I’ll bite. Pick a game from 2011 with not just better, but dramatically better graphics, that’s even 1/100th as long as Skyrim. I’ll wait.

    2. You and me definitely have very opposing tastes, but I guess (and hope ;) ) that’s totally OK. I’m one of those who would put Skyrim at least on the same level as BotW and no, I’ve quit smoking ages ago. But of course your arguments are totally valid, as there’s so much a man can complain about Skyrim, I’m wondering you haven’t even touched the glitches.

      But then there’s a reason, why Nintendo asked Bethesda to do Skyrim on the Switch and it’s an easy one: Skyrim can’t replace BotW and BotW can’t replace Skyrim. These games are so fundamentally different in their goals and the ways to reach them, that they only seem similar on a very small surface.

      Skyrim comes from a completely different direction of very old school role playing games, where you might have to throw a dice and feeling like you personally are a character in that high fantasy environment.

      Zelda comes from the more arcady console-world, where everything has to be so damn accessible, even a 3 yr old can just take a controller and get started.

      Both approaches have pretty different ideas of what they wanna achieve and fundamentalists of each direction will always find many things to hate about the other. A Skyrim fan will totally complain about how empty BotW feels and how there’s nothing to do. A BotW fan might wonder what that dude is talking about as he understands that the movement alone in BotW is so much more fun than in Skyrim, this alone can get you busy for hours. Something the Skyrim-guy doesn’t understand because he might have gotten used to moving through Skyrim and to be fair, looking at what you actually can do in Skyrim, all in all it’s just a very well polished compromise to get just everyhing into that package.
      I don’t really tell you that to make you a Skyrim-believer because obviously that ship has sailed. People telling you that with Level 6 you can’t judge are also just wrong because if you really hate that game after 6 levels, you just won’t like it that much later. It definitely gains depth, but it’s not like the world’s changing or anything.

      You should just understand that these 2 games are just fundamentally different. It’s not like Mario VS Sonic. It’s more like An Acrade-Space Shooter VS a Spacesim. If someone loving Bullethell shooters plays a modern spacesim, then he might also complain about how poorly they solved dodging bullets. I’m just saying, that game isn’t about that.

      To give you an idea of what I personally like about Skyrim: it ultimately enfolds whenever you enter some kind of dungeon. In many other games, that would just be some dungeon. In Skyrim, the whole world building is so complex, every single item has its stats and even physics, that entering a dungeon really feels like being in that cave inside that living and breathing world. And being just in the middle of a dungeon and realizing, you need to restock, actually feels like you’re in the middle of a dungeon and need to restock. You run outside, go to some village or your home, get some better equipment, go back and everything’s still there like you left it. Then you come to the end, where there’s some final boss and mybe a treasure. You can try for ages to beat that boss that might just be overpowered or you can choose to sneak past him and get the treasure and save that guy and the related quest for another time.

      as I put 250 hrs myself into BotW I understand that things sound a bit similar to some mechanics in BotW, but that’s mainly because Aonuma really liked the Elder Scrolls and wanted to have some stuff inside his game. Still the way BotW solves these things is completely different and that’s also a very good thing.
      There will never be a game that fits both worlds, it’s the main reason why Zelda remains to be an action adventure and elder scrolls remains a RPG while both of these genres are coming closer all the time (and seem to have met with the last Assassin’s Creed game that for the first time got described as an RPG instead of an adction adventure) but Skyrim and Zelda show that there still is a pretty clear line between those genres.

      Sorry for the long text :)

      1. That was very well said, and I agree (and understand) for the most part. I guess my big mistake was expecting too much Zelda. Something else I forgot to mention when I complained about the graphics was that (due to the graphics being so dark and blah), it also kept making me motion sick. So I could only play it for so long at a time. In fact, I can’t play first-person games at all due to motion sickness problems. But I put Skyrim in the third-person view. Having to rock the pointer/cursor/crosshair around just to interact with objects/people didn’t help matters. Makes me feel like I’ve been riding a roller coaster after a while.

        It’s all very unfortunate, because I really wanted to love Skyrim, but just couldn’t.

      2. @Collector
        The motion sickness part sucks indeed as these games (elder scrolls and fallout) have always been first person games. the thrid person view was just made to come after some requests but as you might have noticed haven’t worked out as good. And yes, it’s an absolute valid critique when you say that if they implement something, they should polish it to a degree that makes it useable. I don’t know if there really are people playing these games in 3rd person (I believe Fallout 4’s 3rd person view is at least playable without too much frustration) but for me, especially in Skyrim, it’s just really worthless. Just like BotW would be worthless being played in first person.

        Maybe a last thing, you might have to understand about Fallout and Elder Scrolls: These games are not very good at anything. But they are unbelievable generalists. No game out there comes close when it comes to covering that many aspects, disciplines, genres, mechanics, playstyles, decisions and so on; apsolutely nothing. And yes, if you love stealth games, then Skyrim might totally suck. It offers many pretty deep stealth mechanics, as deep as a game like it can go. But it’s just not a game that really focuses on stealth like a Deus Ex game. And this applies to most other things.

        Just like GTA, which walks a similar path in putting as much things into the package as possible, it still gets better with every iteration, pretty much like an operating system and that’s a bit how you can see it. It’s more a system that enables you to enter this artificial world and with every new version it gets less clunky. And this alone might already illustrate how different of a game this is to Zelda, which has always been mainly about gameplay, leveldesign, innovating mechanics and reinventing everything with every new game.

        So even if you won’t buy it, I say you should give Elder Scrolls 6 a chance when it launches (in 4 years or so ;) ) because maybe you can then appreciate how much certain things have been improved over Skyrim by then. Fallout 4 already felt very polished compared to Skyrim (and Fallout and Skyrim, running on the same engine and offering similar experiences, have always been like siblings of the same family) and gave us an mpression of how much better a Skyrim successor could actually handle. And now that that game got announced but won’t be around for years to come, chances are very high, that even folks like you might like it and that they could even have worked on a good 3rd person solution by then.

        If you then still hate it, no worries, the BotW successor will also be around by that time ;D

    3. I had never played it before last Christmas and I loved it. The world was great, the levelling up mechanics, the quests all really good. I prefer BOTW but Skyrim was great and actually exceeded my expectations. I’ve played it for around 150 hours, so much content. You seem to be an outlier when it comes to most things.

      1. @ P Edwards,
        I’m used to it. I can’t even relate to my own family. Every time I hate a game (or console), others on the internet are praising it. When I love a game, sometimes people bash it (like Paper Mario Color Splash). But it’s much more the other way around (people loving what I hate). It always seemed to be this way. Or, at least since the PS1/PS2 era. But it gets worse as time goes on (especially with digital stuff).

        I’m hoping Nintendo shows some cool games in their Direct, which is TODAY. I didn’t even realize it was today. I’ll have to watch the recap later on YouTube before coming back here. But with my track record at disappointment with Nintendo, I’m holding my expectations low. But I do still have some (Pikmin 4. Animal Crossing). Nintendo needs to make some magic to pull me back in. Because lately, I’ve been turning into what the Commander would call a “Sony Pony”. Or, “Sonyan”. Hmm…. I don’t remember seeing the Commander here lately.

        1. Sony Pony & Sonyan have two different meanings for Commander. He can at least respect a Sonyan. A Sony Pony, on the other hand, is basically an elitist fanboy that praises them & hates everyone else no matter what.

    4. Skyrim is second best game in mine life (Final fantasy IX is Number one). For some players is too slow, too complicated. Skyrim is hwole new life for people without family and infinite time. I play skyrim on ps3 800hours and now on nintendo switch 600hours and still dont finish main quest. Problem of skyrim is too big world.

  2. I think this was announced too early. Hate when games are announced so many years before release.
    I like Skyrim though. Not the best RPG by any means (full of so many bugs), but it’s fun to screw around in it.

    1. Oh well. Tons of developers have a habit of announcing games long before they are ready for release. It’s just a part of life. (Same goes for movies & TV shows, too.)

  3. If you think ESVI is coming to the Switch, I want some of whatever it is your smoking. Not gonna happen.

    1. The game is not event our of preproduction yet. That could be a 5 years development plan.
      By then we’re bound to see at least 2 upgrade revision. I also doubt Bethesda would avoid Nintendo platforms after the commercial success doom and Skyrim had.

      1. And there is always a chance that a new Nintendo system could be out by then, too. Ninty says they want to support the Switch for more than 5 years but sometimes plans just change.

  4. So, does the geography tell us where this game is taking place?
    And let’s not forget that they could more easily make a Switch friendly version alongside during the creation process then demaking a finished product. I have hope for this coming to the Switch.
    Also, any bets on the PC/Sony version having VR support on day one?

    1. It will probally be released on the next two nintendo consoles 6 years after the rest of the world already played it. But atleast it will be portable , with virtual reality glasses and power glove controllers with a machine that you put on your nose so you can smell the world right.

  5. Maibe ten years later. 5years releasing and another 5 years for patching. I dont buy first version, full of bugs. I buy 6-8 year later full patched version with all dlc. Best version of skyrim for me is ps4 version. 5years after first skyrim release.

      1. I like it but ‘2’ is more understandable and distinctive than ‘Super’ with the mass market. I think we will not see ‘Super’, still I would be fine and happy with it.

        1. We both know they won’t name it Switch 2, though. Nintendo is so stubborn about being different that they won’t use a number; that is Sony’s thing. As long as they don’t name it Switch U, we should be good with whatever name they give their next system. lol

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