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E3 2018: Synthesio Report Says Sony Is Getting The Most Chatter On Social Media Closely Followed By Nintendo

A recent report from Synthesio, who provides Social Intelligence to the world’s leading brands and the agencies, has revealed which companies have received the most social media chat this E3 2018 so far. The leader is Sony this year, but they are very closely followed by Nintendo. EA has apparently received the least chatter this E3.



34 thoughts on “E3 2018: Synthesio Report Says Sony Is Getting The Most Chatter On Social Media Closely Followed By Nintendo”

          1. Still not that impressive though. I’m surprised MS didn’t get much more attention. Yeah, they just promised us a lot and nothing else, but they did put on a good show.

  1. I guess with Nintendo part of it is “HELL YEAH! SMASH!” and the even larger part is: “Too much Smash, where’s the other games?”
    Honestly, I’ve seen barely anything other than complains about Nintendo this year: Too much Smash. Not enough other games. The othther ames shown didn’t get enough screentime because too much Smash. No Metroid Prime 4? No Animal Crossing? And where was Yoshi?
    Personally I was sad about Yoshi and surprised they didn’t talk about Metroid and Bayonetta 3 at all and I would’ve liked if some of the cool 3rd party games comming to Switch got more exposure than they did – I mean DragonBall FighterZ is comming to Switch! The fans have been heared. This is so cool, but it only got like… 30 seconds or so.
    Switch is actually seeing some 3rd party support, that should be celebrated much more.

    1. Yup completely agree. On other sites there is an overwhelming amount of hatred against nintendo. I personally feel that the presentation was ok , not terrible but it could have been better. I did expect them to talk about other games but it is wt it is. There is already plenty of stuff for me personally so I’m happy. Those that hate on Nintendo are mad because there’s nothing that interests them personally so they’ll spin the narrative that there’s no games

      1. Yeah. Guys like gamingfan2009 with his entire “Switch has been having a game drought this past year!” Nintendo only has around 10 games on Switch that interest me but a game drought? This isn’t the Wii U.

    2. They’ve delayed Fire Emblem and Yoshi, which was the two games I was looking forward to x’D I’m glad they managed to get the full crew back to Smash. Pleased

      1. I was looking forward to Yoshi, because I love plaformers and Mario Odyssey did not satisfy my platforming needs in the slightest. It’s a fantastic game and a fantastic collect-a-thon, but for me personally it wasn’t the right game. Sure, there’s Donkey Kong Country and that game is just a phenomenal platformer, but I’ve already played (and finished) it on Wii U. I want something new and Yoshi is so darn adorable. Also, Yarn Yoshi was surprisingly better than I expected and what they’re showen about Yoshi on Switch was lokking to be quite interesting.
        I’m not big into Smash and I’ve never touched a Mario Party game in my life (& I’m not planning to), so I’ll be looking forward to Octopath Traveler, because that game looks so damn good, as long as it’s not Final Fantasy I have faith in Square Enix. Maybe I’ll get the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 and Dragonball FighterZ is comming to Switch this year as well and you seen how incredible well it runs on the Switch? They did an amazing job porting this game, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
        At least Switch has enough 3rd party support now to help me through until there’s 1st party games I’m interested in again.

    1. This pie chart doesn’t provide context as to positive or negative chatter. A massive amount of negative chatter can be a bad thing.

      1. Were people mad about that? I haven’t seen much. I thought at this point people have figured out that there’s a bunch of girls who like kissing girls, and a lot of them play video games. It’s been a thing in literature for decades, TV for two decades, and now that we’ve seen it in a video game, people are upset? I guess they can take comfort in all the murder porn that was the rest of the trailer? Like if you were that uncomfortable with that scene, and completely desensitized to the brutality of the rest of it, maaaybe you should watch more kissing and less gore for a bit. Even out the soul and what not. Personally, I thought the juxtaposition of the two elements was pretty impactful… Plus the technical achievement of making that look realistic, and not just two awkward character models smooshing their face against each other was outstanding.

        I’ve not run the numbers on it, but I’ve got a hunch that similar scenes are one of the top searches in a particular kind of search engine. People are weird.

        1. Ever since Trump took office, the immature alt-right has become a lot more vocal in hating homosexuality, female leads in film & television, etc. So don’t be surprised if you see more people hating something that you think is silly to be hating on.

  2. Sony is slowly morphing back into their 2006 days. Ridiculous anti-consumer bullshit and the only exclusive that managed to impress me was Ghost of Tsushima, that Death Stranding showing was awful.

    Microsoft had the overall best conference this year, but if Nintendo had shown Metroid Prime 4 however…

  3. In my opinion, SONY dominated E3. Simply with 3 or 4 (or more) of the games that they showed. I instantly fell in love with Ghost Of Tsushima. And I was shocked to already hear about another Assassin’s Creed (I barely finished Origins), and LOVED the fact that naval combat is returning etc. Last Of Days looks promising, and The Last Of Us II looks epic. I just wish I could brag about Nintendo the same way. There was a time when I did.

    1. From how they described the combat, I think Ghost of Tsushima is gonna be one of those games that you’ll need to actually practice & honestly get good with if you want to have fun playing it, like the Dark Souls & Ninja Gaiden games. So if we both get that game, good luck to us both.

  4. I’m surprised Microsoft & Bethesda aren’t higher as they were the two best shows for me. But as others pointed out, it’s possible Sony & Nintendo are as high as they are because of a lot of negativity from what Sony is doing to Fortnite players trying to play it on their Switch & because Nintendo’s event was bad. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it didn’t morph from an E3 Direct into a Smash Direct. Since it did, the E3 part of the direct was terrible for me and for many others. :/ If it’s more because of negativity, maybe it’s a good thing EA is higher than Bethesda. lol

    1. Yeah, that’s what I didn’t like. It didn’t feel at all like an E3 Direct. Just a standard (or, Smash Bros.) Direct.

      I remember back in the days before I had internet access, I had to wait an additional month to find out what happened at E3 every year (that killed me waiting). I’ll never forget how many times Nintendo blew my mind once I finally got my issue of Nintendo Power and EGM in the mail, and I saw all of the awesome upcoming games that were revealed at E3. I miss those days. Nintendo always had something that excited me. But things just don’t seem to be the same these days.

  5. Ok i remember back when switch launched reggie said we will have a game each month and rithg now i havent see that. Tbh I was expecting more this e3 and there isnt much. Just smash, mario party, and pokemon, anithing else ?? Oh yeah mario tenis. No DK, bayonetta 3, metroid 4, starfox, platform mario game etc…

    1. “A steady cadence of releases” was the strategy. It was great for the first year, but they’ve definitely missed it year two. It’s even more obvious when two major titles slipped into early 2019. Unfortunately, that’s the problem when you’re making all the software for your console by yourself and development takes 2-4 years for major titles.

      Still: June: Tennis, July: Captain Toad and Octopath, October: Mario Party (and Valkyrie Chronicles 4 is cool too), November: Pokemon, December: Smash

      There’s a bit of a gap in August and September, but Monster Hunter’s in there, plus the new Monster Boy, SNK Heroines, Dark Souls, and a few other interesting third party games. Dragon Ball FighterZ is going to be big for a lot of Switch owners. But that’s an almost monthly release of first party and only one port, plus two system sellers hitting right at the holidays.

    2. Also no Pikmin 4, no Animal Crossing, no Yoshi, no rumored Luigi’s Mansion 3, and no news of a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini (which was also rumored). And no more word about the re-release of the NES Classic. Which is said to be at the end of this month. But since Nintendo never mentioned it, I’m starting to wonder.

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