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ARMS Developers Share Art For Game’s First Anniversary

ARMS is currently celebrating its first anniversary and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to get some gorgeous art work direct from the developers behind the Nintendo Switch title. The developers would like to send you all thanks for the support. Here’s a look at the artwork!



4 thoughts on “ARMS Developers Share Art For Game’s First Anniversary”

  1. ARMS is a year old already! They grow up so fast…

    For real though. If you don’t have this excellent, robust, charming, and deeply strategic game, you’re doing yourself a major misdeed. Take it from someone who bought the game on launch day: ARMS is spectacularly fantastic and an amazing example of Nintendo’s ability to create fresh, modern IPs that still have that trademark Nintendo wonder.

    Note: This art is not new.


    This art is unlocked when all other art is unlocked in-game.

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