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Konami Explains Why Hyper Sports R Is Exclusive To Nintendo Switch

A surprising announcement for the Nintendo Switch recently was Hyper Sports R from Konami. The team spoke to Polygon at last week’s E3 event and explained to the site why they decided to make the game specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

“The reason it’s a Switch exclusive is because it’s such powerful technology,” Konami brand and media manager Benjamin Kinney said at E3 2018. “We were at [the Switch’s] launch with [Super Bomberman R], but even then the devs and the teams were looking at what the Switch could do, watching what Nintendo was doing with motion controls and the way Joy-Cons work — there’s potential. For sure, that’s one of the reasons we chose the Switch.”

15 thoughts on “Konami Explains Why Hyper Sports R Is Exclusive To Nintendo Switch”

  1. I don’t think Konami have any game I want on the Switch. They’ve killed Castlevania; they killed MGS with survive; they killed ZOE; They’ve killed virtually every notable IP I ever cared about that they had.

  2. It’s because it’s crap and nobody else wants it. How about a new PES, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Castlevania game, etc? Konami: “No! You’re getting this turd and shut up!”

    1. They could honestly turn Castlevania into one of the largest AAA franchises if they wanted to. Just look at the Netflix show for ideas.

      Actually now I think of it I want a new Ghouls an ghosts, but that was Capcom from memory.

  3. waaa waaa a video game company makes different things than I liked when I was wittle. waaa

    what ab bunch of whiner babies. sheesh

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