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Playtonic Reveals First Screen Of 64-Bit Mode In Yooka-Laylee

Yooka-Laylee had a huge amount of hype before release but that was quickly dampened by the various reviews that appeared. However, the team is still working on the game and their next move is the 64-bit mode. It’s clearly meant to replicate how the game would look on the Nintendo 64. Here’s the first screen of that particular mode:



38 thoughts on “Playtonic Reveals First Screen Of 64-Bit Mode In Yooka-Laylee”

    1. Was just about to say that but you took words right out of mouth this doesn’t even come close to looking like 64, 64 models always have a polygon look

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  2. Umm, that’s not 64 but, they just removed the textures , you can see that all the polygons are the same o3o

  3. They shouldn’t have shown this off until the 64 bit versions of the models for at LEAST Yooka and Laylee were done

  4. They should just learn from the many mistakes of this game and try again with a part 2 or new IP altogether. Super talented group of people wasting time on a mediocre at best game.

      1. Um, a 75% is by definition mediocre: me·di·o·cre
        of only moderate quality
        synonyms: ordinary, average, middling, middle-of-the-road, uninspired, undistinguished, indifferent, unexceptional, unexciting, unremarkable, run-of-the-mill, pedestrian, prosaic, lackluster, forgettable, amateur, amateurish; More

      2. It’s awesome that you can search in dictionary, but that doesn’t mean you are right. In fact, moderate quality means half of the points, therefore 50. By Metacritic’s own definition, 75 and up means generally favorable reviews, 74 to 50 means mixed or average reviews and 49 to 0 means generally unfavorable reviews.

      3. I pulled out the thesaurus, not the dictionary. Which you kinda ignored all the synonyms. Just in case you didn’t know how a thesaurus works the first words listed are the closest at representing what the word means. Obviously average gets listed first. Mediocre means average, it doesn’t mean unfavorable. You even bolded the fact 75% is considered average in your reply and it just tells me you read the first part and just applied your own definition of moderate quality, a term that also means average, just like you did with mediocre.

        1. You might consider 75/100 as a mediocre score but it’s not your scoring/rating system, it’s Metacritic’s score, and they consider 75 and up as a good score. If you want 75/100 to be a mediocre score, go make your own video game review site.

      4. If I wanted to use the dictionary it just proves my point more XD one of the abj. Definition for average is: mediocre, not very good. Literally the definition for average when using it as an adjective is just the word mediocre

  5. To anyone saying it doesn’t look like N64 graphics which I do agree with this isn’t finished yet because otherwise they would at least have more to show so there is a chance that it will look like the N64 style they are going for by the time they finish it. And in their defense although Yooka and Laylee don’t have the N64 look just some missing textures the stage around them I think could definitely pass for a N64 game. As someone whose first console was the N64 and first game for it was Donkey Kong 64 it would be amazing if they actually pulled off replicating N64 graphics on a modern game.

    1. That’s actually a good point right there, but if they don’t end up making it look more like 64 bit, they should’ve messed with 64 hardware to limit themselves with what kind of textures they could use. If remaking the game that way is actually too difficult, they could at least remake the character models in the 64 hardware to give them at least an idea of what the mode should look like.

      1. Super Mario Odyssey proves you can do a 64 bit looking character model on a modern game engine. Which gives hope it’ll come out looking that way!

        1. It’s possible yes, but sometimes devs forget how to make things look authentic, or rather unintentionally make things in a certain way that wasn’t possible back then.

  6. I actually was still planning on getting this but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I was thinking of maybe getting it after I’m done with the Zero Escape series but I’ll hold off until this mode is out.

      1. I actually have yet to start, I’m currently replaying BBS as a refresher for KH3 and is the last title in KH I need to replay before I get to move on to Zero Escape. One of these days I need to watch all of the cutscenes for Unchained X on youtube in case if KH3 brings anything up from that and let’s say just say I am less than enthused.

  7. All that’s left now is Tooka-Laylee, or at least their next game.

    This company doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page (most likely due to only having one title under their name).

  8. I guess they can try and replicate the Nintendo 64 texture graphics, but not the actual models or lighting of the game since it would require re-building every single model again with lower polygons. It looks cool but kinda disappointing at the same time…

  9. Love the idea. Hopefully it makes it a bit smoother too. I really like the game a lot but I just can’t get used to the camera. It gives me a headache every time. Shame really because the game is so damn charming.

  10. Still don’t see why I should get this again on Switch. Pre-ordered my first copy on PC and the lag, slog, and how much sooner it was to make my comp overheat makes it one of the few game purchases I’ve regretted alongside Brawlout and one PC Naruto game.

  11. Even the best looking games on the 64: Conker and Dinosaur Planet, wouldn’t have held a candle to that 64 version of Yooka Laylee. Also, the textures are a mite too blurry. Reduce the polygon count by about 1/2 and add just a little bit more definition to the textures and it’ll look golden.

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