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Epic Games Has “Significantly Improved Nintendo Switch Development” With Unreal Engine 4.20 Update

The Unreal Engine has received a major update today, bringing it to version 4.20. There were tons of changes, features, improvements and much more added in this update. The official blog for Unreal Engine discussed the update and its changes, where it dedicated a section to some significant improvements made to Nintendo Switch development. Here’s what Epic Games said:

We have significantly improved Nintendo Switch development by releasing tons of performance and memory improvements built for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch to all Unreal Engine developers! This includes the following:

  • Support for Dynamic Resolution and Temporal Upsampling
  • Low Latency Frame Syncing for Controller Input
  • Significant CPU Rendering Optimizations
  • Improvements to Threading
  • Better Texture Compression
  • Support for Memory Profiling
  • Backbuffer support for 1080p while in docked mode
  • And many other fixes!


22 thoughts on “Epic Games Has “Significantly Improved Nintendo Switch Development” With Unreal Engine 4.20 Update”

  1. fortnight is pointless garbo without gyro havent played it once lol stick aiming am i also typing ona type writer OH NO0 ITS NOT 1978

    1. Actually the computer mouse was first introduced into a Xerox computer in 1973. It’s still better than gyro aiming.

  2. I was the biggest Nintendo critic ever,just thought all games where pointless on previous consoles and just never been a Nintendo fan,I bought switch for hand held third party’s like Skyrim etc,but now for almost 6 month’s haven’t touched my pro or one X and am 56 hours into xenoblade chronicles and Zelda is my second favourite games after dark souls series,this is awesome news for switch.

  3. Serious question here. I’ve just started playing Zelda. The ‘pop-up in this game is the worse I’ve seen since Turok on the 64. Can the console handle an upgrade to change this?

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