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Sakurai Shares His Thoughts On The Reception Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai is known for his rigorous work ethic so it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on the reception of his latest game in the series for the Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The game is due out this Christmas on the Nintendo Switch and it’s great to see him pleased with the reception of the game and also happy that his creation hadn’t leaked.

  • “In any case, the reception for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was amazing!”
  • “I think this is the first time I ever saw such a tremendous reception for just a game promo. The uproar was beyond encouraging.”
  • “To be honest, I’m really glad that it didn’t leak. If it leaked that ‘all characters will be in it,’ then it wouldn’t have gotten the same reception.”
  • “I really wanted to avoid having the work of several years get smashed by someone who wanted his little moment to brag.”
  • “It would’ve been over for us had the words ‘all characters playable’ made it out there.”
  • “It was a top secret project that many at Nintendo didn’t even know about, and that’s why you saw cheers even from those involved with Nintendo.”
  • “Ice Climbers, Pokémon Trainer, and Wolf received unusually loud cheering not because they’re popular characters but because they weren’t in the previous entry.”
  • “I question what we’ll do with the next title, and I feel that having ‘all characters playable’ (for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) may have been a Pandora’s Box that could ruin possibilities for what’s next in the series.”
  • “However, honestly speaking, I’m not thinking about what’s next!”
  • “I’m just working hard on the best possible way to offer maximum satisfaction right now. Truth be told, I’m not getting any younger and I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with such dense workload forever, but the now is more important than later!”
  • “I heard a lot of ‘did you lose weight?’ ‘did you get thinner?’ and ‘please take care of yourself’ after the presentation, but don’t worry, I only lost about 6kg…”


43 thoughts on “Sakurai Shares His Thoughts On The Reception Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate”

  1. Smash is one of those games where I don’t want to see leaks. You can tell the Sakurai loves to surprise us and likes seeing our reactions.

  2. Just goes to show the amount of care and effort he pours into these games.

    You may not agree with all of his decision making, but you can never doubt his passion.

        1. It would be a long shot but hey, MS and Nintendo have a good relationship lately with the whole cross play thing and both appear to be after Sony with the whole “play together” thing. While probably impossible, it does appear to be an honor for a character to appear on Smash so maybe, just maybe MS will be like… wanna borrow Chief? Of course Nintendo would have to ask to be willing to borrow Chief too so…

  3. No wonder why people love Sakurai and Iwata. Those two are the best Nintendo had and still has.

    I wish Sakurai a long, healthy and wonderful life.

    1. every Nintendo AA games goes trough the hands of Miyamoto for a approval check up.
      He had a lot of say into games like Splatoon. Even the art work of Splatoon.

      Miyamoto is still big boss.

  4. I hope he’s okay… I feel sometimes he might be strained or overworked.
    I remember when people noticed Iwata lost weight and had this same concern… Then look what happened…

    1. He doesn’t live in a communist country so he is free to pick up his big pile of cash stash, move to Hawaii and get some bitches. No one but himself holds him back.

      1. But both are gamers at heart and would never let the fans down. For them, the job is more important than their own health or happiness.

  5. So much for Simon Belmont being playable in Ultimate. On the bright side, I can forget everything I know about recent leaks.

      1. Now that I think of it, I think I misread it. When he was talking about leaks, I thought he meant “All leaks are false”. Still, I should stop raising my hopes up and take future leaks with a grain of salt.

  6. I legit wish Sakurai would stop working on the Smash games. I really think it’s fucking him up. When I saw him in that e3 direct video, I said to a friend that he looked rough. It’s true too, he’s lost a lot of weight for such a small guy. I’m personally so done with Smash Brothers anyway and I feel like there’s not much you can do to take the gameplay to another level. It’s reached a point where people just ask for 1000000 new characters (relevant or not) to just be playable. I feel like people would have been fine and WOULD play the lastest Smash or Melee for the rest of their lives cause people don’t tire of those games regardless. People still play original smash even now. Money can go into supporting actually good new entries for franchises like Earthbound, F-Zero, Star Fox, more.

    imo I’d love to see Sakurai retire for his own health. He’s already given us many entries into the franchise and games people play endlessly. I’m personally done with Smash.

  7. He’s been working so hard, he refused to eat, drink, or sleep, and lost 6kg. Clearly, this is one dedicated man who won’t stop trying until the fans are happy and content. What a perfect role model.

    1. I don’t think it is healthy to aspire to someone who might legit work himself to death. Think of how his family would feel if he didn’t take better care of himself and it resulted in illness. Its healthier to work hard but also know your own limits.

  8. God bless Sakurai-san for being so dedicated to a legendary gaming franchise to where his health and wellbeing are being jeopardized. Like others have said I wish him nothing but the best in terms of him being more healthy. He deserves a long break for the incredible work he’s done on the Smash series as a whole and I hope Nintendo gives him the significant amount of time he needs to recover

  9. Pro tip: if you’re trying to avoid leaks and accidentally stumble across some, treat all leaks as fake until officially confirmed. Anyone can make a list of newcomers and get some right. If there’s another ESRB leak, might wanna stay away from the Internet.

    Reminder that Palutena’s leak was fake, even though Palutena was indeed playable.

    PS: I hope you all enjoy my good friend Ashley. :)

  10. I think I’m the only person who’s NOT excited about Ultimate. That E3 Direct nearly put me to sleep due to the over-abundance of Smash content. I don’t care how many characters get added to this game, if there’s no single player modes like All Star, Adventure or Subspace Emissary, then it’s still going to be just as bad as the Wii U version (these are the words Sakurai needs to hear. Instead of all the praise, which will lead to Ultimate feeling like the same old thing again). This is why I’d SO rather have an RPG with an All-Star cast instead of a fighting game. Something similar to Kingdom Hearts, but with all Nintendo characters and worlds. I’ve wanted that since the first Smash Bros. game.

    It’s just pretty sad that I’m more excited about the upcoming amiibo than I am about Smash Ultimate. And I need more amiibo like a hole in the head. I already have no space left, but I can’t……stop…..collecting.

  11. After this game, he seriously needs to pass the franchise off to someone else. That or Nintendo need to put their foot down & give the series to another. He’s done enough for this franchise and it’s time to let someone else take the reigns.

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