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Japan: Sonic 1 And Thunder Force 4 Confirmed For SEGA Ages On Nintendo Switch This August

The first batch of SEGA Ages games will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch in Japan next month. Japanese Nintendo is reporting that both the iconicย Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV are the first batch of games. These will be priced at ยฅ999 ($9) apiece.



  1. Yeah no thanks I’m buying them…I knew sega/nintendo would pull this on the switch “but its portable”
    you can literally buy 50 of there games on the ps4/pc for $40

  2. Sega, Sega, Sega. You never fail to disappoint me. How about instead of scavenging off of old Sonic (who doesn’t even have a good design) games, you make something new and special? Like something NEW?

    1. This is actually embrassing since mania literally borrows some of these stages I won’t be purchasing it however I suggest people buy sonic mania and avoid this title just to show sega they can’t easily win us over

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