Mario Kart Hot Wheels Toys Due In 2019

Mattel has confirmed that they will be releasing Mario Kart-inspired Hot Wheels toys which are due to be on shop shelves in 2019. The toys will make their debut during the San Diego Comic Con which is taking place this week. You’ll be able to take a look at them at the Nintendo and Mattel booths during the event which takes place from July 18th to July 22nd. Each toy costs $4.99 and will be available to buy, June 2019.





  1. I’m gonna order this online, because I’m kinda old and ashamed for my age, buying hot wheels.
    I will buy at least one and nobody will ever know.

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    1. Don’t worry about it.
      The other day I was in my local game shop to pick up a couple games and my 10 yr old daughter shouted at the top of her voice across the store, “ look daddy, you can get this for work”
      It was a Zelda back pack.
      I just laughed and so did everyone else i think.

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      1. I would laugh but not with you or your Daughter. Just the innocence of how she sees the world.

        If I would stand next to you, I would say “I fully agree, try it ) haha

        Yes, I just laughed with my own joke, because it’s funny …


  2. Why would they announce a toy so early? How much product testing could possibly go into a Hotwheels car, really? These need to come out so I can play with some Hotwheels again!


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